missymelissann PRO 12:21am, 15 May 2011
I can't seem to find the new mini's anywhere, not on-line (except ebay) and not at my target, toyrsus or walmart?
Happily Candied PRO 7 years ago
I've heard that most people have found them at Target so far, although they're eventually supposed to be at all the stores you mentioned above.
luxielou 7 years ago
I found a few at Target today :)
missymelissann PRO 7 years ago
I just looked again today and none at my Target :(
zerodot71 7 years ago
I found them at Toys R Us. This week, all Lalaloopsys are buy one get one 50% off, too.

I still have not found them at Target.
Happily Candied PRO 7 years ago
It depends where you live, too. It's been speculated by other Lala fans that the west coast gets new dollies in shipments sooner than those on the east coast. I live in the Midwest, but I've found that I'm more like the latter, sadly!
missymelissann PRO 7 years ago
I just found one of each tonight at my local Target, yay!
JLP2000 7 years ago
My Target still doesn't have them - at least not when I'm there, which is about twice a week!
et.iana 7 years ago
I haven't been able to find any of the new ones at my local Target either :( I also went to Toys R Us and all they had was the old stock. Sigh.... Is there a place online where they can be ordered?
missymelissann PRO 7 years ago
I checked the big 4 (target, kmart, walmart, toysrus) online and no luck. Hopefully soon, last weekend my target only had 1 each of the 4 new, that's how I got mine.
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