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pixieblues 8:27pm, 21 March 2011
ok so a couple of months ago i was in wal mart and i saw this dolls and loved them, i had to have one.
but latter could not find them again, i see them in ebay and some are 20 dollars and others are 150 ok what did i miss?
Happily Candied PRO 7 years ago
A few Lalas (mostly Spot and Peanut) have been more difficult to come by for a while and have been increasingly more difficult to get recently. Just a few weeks ago, MGA announced on the Facbeook Lalaloopsy page that Lalaloopsy dolls will be discontinued as new releases come out. That's caused a lot of people who want the entire Lala collection or their favorites to look even harder for the dolls. In return, online sellers, especially on eBay, have hiked up the prices-- a good example of supply and demand.

If you want to keep up with the latest Lala news and talk, I'd suggest hanging out around the Lalaloopsy Facebook page. Bits of news and rumors are constantly popping up on the page and that's where you'll find most updates!
pixieblues 7 years ago
ok thank you
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