miss mouse88 9:18am, 17 February 2011
They have deal at TRU - buy 2 get 1 free on the single doll packets so if you manage to get all 8 different ones you can get a spare free! They're 9.99ea. They also had the playsets.
jadefinch83 7 years ago
i just bought all of them, so excited!
miss mouse88 7 years ago
Me too - I was worried they wouldn't have many and there'd be none left but there were tonnes! I didn't buy the playsets - I figure they might pop up cheaper elsewhere but the buy one get one free was a pretty good deal.
Resin Angels 7 years ago
Ooooh that is good to know! I might have to go shopping at TRU next week :o)
liinka 7 years ago
took your advise and went on a tru trek today :)
I got 6 of them (two were free)
thankyou so much! ^^
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