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chocchip PRO 1:18pm, 22 November 2010
These dolls are soo cute and I'm really tempted to pick one up but perhaps at 36 I really shouldn't be buying them! Even though I have Blythes and latis I'm just not sure about buying these girls. So out of interest I just wondered if I was being paranoid or if there were adult collectors out there too?
Varta ! 8 years ago
Me !
In age I even could be your mum, so don't be shy to get yourself one, they are SO cute :)
ariisu81 PRO 8 years ago
Age doesn't matter, go and get one :D
pariszhenpink 8 years ago
I wondered the same thing ...but then figured if it is something I will enjoy then who cares right?
miss mouse88 8 years ago
I collect all kinds of toys. I probably have more toys than most kids! What matters is what you like :)
ElwynnHarper 8 years ago
I think even the people that claim they are buying them for their kids are secretly just buying them for themselves so go for it!!
flawless scale [deleted] 8 years ago
I got a couple when they first came out, but then tried not to be such a geek and kept them on my shelf (I play with Blythes though too:) but now that I see people are making cute clothes and stuff for them I can't help but get all excited over them again!! Go for it! :D
misaki doll 8 years ago
I'm 35, have no kids, and I collect them! Don't feel weird...they are SO cute...go get some! =)
JenniesDolls 8 years ago
I am 37 and I have my own Lalaloopsy and I collect American Girl, Cabbage Patch Kids and asian bjd. I don't see anything wrong with grown ups having dolls. Grown men play with train sets and no one thinks that's weird.
I'm 35.....I have some Blythes, I saw these dolls months ago and I wanted one so bad, but I didn't get one.....but when I finish Christmas shopping for my boys, I'm getting one....or five
catille 8 years ago
I'm 39 and I adore them, so ofcourse now I've got a big Featherbed and want want the 2 new ones coimg out!! Also got all the minis and totally loving these, they are so cute and perfect for Blythe and Dals!
mzzkitty12 8 years ago
Go for it! I'm going to be 48 soon and I just ordered myself 2 of the minis. Really want one of the bigger ones to :) Enjoy!!
Strwbrrystar PRO 8 years ago
I'm 27 and i collect Blythes and Lalaloopsy. So far, I only have 2 lalaloopsy dolls, but I want two or maybe 3 others... Apparently, I'm drawn to big heads and interesting eyes, lol
Twinky :) new account 8 years ago
I'm 39 and collected blythes so I didn't bat an eyelid saw them had to get some, my first one arrived today and im smitten :)
TwoFuzzySisters 8 years ago
My Mother got one for me (Bea, I'm waiting on her to come in the mail now) and she has one of her own (the one in her PJ's). She is 70 and I'm 50 :)
There is no reason in the world for you not to have it if you love it. The most wonderful people I've ever met in this world are playful... go for it with no reservations!
Dymphna ❀ 8 years ago
Um, yeah. ;p
magnificent existence [deleted] 7 years ago
I'm 24 and have been collecting BRATZ since 2002, and now I'm starting to collect Lalaloopsy! as well. I just got four of the miniature dolls last night and might pick up one of the regular sized.
liinka 7 years ago
i'm 18, collect blythe, pullips , action figures, etc; I really like them but I'm not going to give in and buy the big ones because they're just too darn big... I have nearly all the mini ones though
dsgwilkinson PRO 7 years ago
I'm 36 and I collect dolls- I have Pullip, Dal, Petdoll, Wonderfrog, Obitsu, Sekiguchi Coco, Blythe, Cabbage Patch softies and more. basically I get what I find appealing. I love the Lalaoopsies and have one of the large ones, with an extra outfit. She is scrumptious!
Coasa Imposa 7 years ago
I'm 41 and I've collected dolls for years!! I had to have the big and small ones!! <3
Happily Candied PRO 7 years ago
I'm 26 and I've been collecting dolls my entire life. My mom (58) and my grandma (80ish) have been doll collectors and repairers for the majority of their lives, so dolls are in my blood. Trust me, there's nothing wrong with collecting dolls when you're an adult! ^__~
dejavoodoo_ 7 years ago
I'm 24 and I'm totally buying them lol. I have a ton of dolls/toys I collect.
~Bama~ 7 years ago
If it makes you happy, do it!

We are not promised tomorrow, so live life to the fullest every chance you get, even if that means buying a doll that strikes your fancy.

I say GO FOR IT!
kis4kristen 7 years ago
im 27 and I love these dolls. I have 2 daughters, and my oldest loves them too. I think it's great that we can bond and oooh and ahhh over the dolls :)

I dont think age matters. If you love it, then thats all that matters :)
lova revolutionary PRO 7 years ago
I totally love them! They are so much fun! I just went out and bought a new one last night - I have 6 so far & 2 mini's - and yup, well I'm 30! Who cares, I love some cheery cute things in my house!
JLP2000 7 years ago
I'm almost 45 and only stopped playing with dolls for a brief time (high school and part of college). If you can afford to indulge, and the important things are covered, it is nice to treat yoursefl to something you really want! If it's a doll -why should anyone think less of you for it?
I am 39 years old and am a collector of dolls to little more than a year and comfeço you that the dolls aprochimarão me much of my children and now I can play with them!
The dolls come in my life just to bring joy!
I'm not ashamed to like dolls and not so poco mi care what others think!
Usually those who are criticizing will have to have a doll and not courage to take
Today it has become a worldwide craze!
Wherever you go has a doll with an adult photographed outside!
As people who love dogs and they do everything to deichalos beautiful and spices are people like i who likes doll and wants to deichalas more beautiful to take beautiful photos!

Kiss 1000 ...
The Blythe Banner PRO 7 years ago
tee hee...of course everyone on this group is going to say go for it! And I will second them. What does it hurt? If you like something and it doesn't hurt anyone else, no matter what it is, then why shouldn't you have it?
tomboy_sandee 7 years ago
I'm 18. I'm not exactly a collector because I'm not looking to buy every single release from the dolls I like (I keep it to a minimum), but it's more of a sewing/photography hobby for me. And there's nothing wrong with a hobby :) People collect stamps, build models, paint... but in my opinion collecting dolls opens doors to many other hobbies for you to explore!
Lily Reveles 7 years ago
I just turned 49 and I have 5 of these dolls. :) I actually had one on my birthday list but didn't get one. :( but I bought myself one anyway. ;)
RagingMoon1987 6 years ago
It surprises me that I'm one of the younger members here! I'm 24 and fresh out of college. Lalaloopsy dolls are some of my favorite playline dolls; I love their hobbies and their hair. There's even a lot of redheads in the mix! To you Chocchip I would say no, you are not too old to like or own these dolls; I know a lady who is in her late sixties and loves the Lalaloopsy dolls. If you want one, go for it!
grey sound [deleted] 6 years ago
I'm 43 and love Lalaloopsy!:)
remarkable story [deleted] 6 years ago
I'm 29 and I have sooooo many lol
natsuki★girl PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by natsuki★girl (member) 6 years ago
it says for ages 4 to 104 right on the box. :)

edit: oh, and I'm 30 :D I also love the monster high line of dolls.
TickledPinkbyJ 6 years ago
I'm 38 and if I see a doll I want, I get it :) I just love the new mini out for Halloween and I'm getting her. She will look so cute with my bjd Alice Cherry Blossom :)
missymelissann PRO 6 years ago
I love to see the age range of collectors and how dolls can bring people together no matter the age just like music :DD

btw... I'm 45 and have over thirty of the Mini's plus two large and two of the medium sized.
Hamsteh 6 years ago
I'm 20... I guess that counts as an adult? I'm more of a kid though. xD I just buy things I like, at the moment I only have one Lalaloopsy, but I have lots of Pinky:st girls and recently have been buying the newer My Little Ponys, they're so cute! xD

May as well spend your money on something that makes you happy, who cares how old you are! The way I see it, as an adult you have money for what you want. As a kid, even if you want all the toys - how are you gonna get them? Even if people say toys are for kids, you need a job before you can buy anything. >.> If it weren't for birthdays, Christmases and random gifts, kids wouldn't have any toys anyway. O.o
rickystoyroom 6 years ago
Im a 37 year old guy and I collect these little dolls. started in Nov of 2012 and have about 30 large ones 3 littles and about 20 minis and playsets. They are to cute and quite addictive.
Bigbluesam Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Bigbluesam (member) 6 years ago
I'm 23 and have started my collection. I bought Ivory Ice Crystals and was given Dyna Might for Christmas. They are so cute, I bought my niece Cinder Slippers for Christmas. These dolls are for everyone.
strawbewie 6 years ago
I'm 20 and just bought my first Lalaloopsy! My brother (yes brother) is 23 and he's also collecting too. And my little brother got Maty (his first Lalaloopsy) when he was 6 years old. I don't think age or gender matters. They are just too cute to resist!
Dollsville USA 5 years ago
I'm 47and I just started collecting them. I have been a doll collector all of my life and currently I collect Blythe and Monster High, but lately I got the Mini Lalaloopsy bug because they're just adorable. If it makes you happy to collect them then it doesn't matter how old you are!
claire n°47 5 years ago
I'm 28 and I love them ^_^
I don't care if people told me that I'm too old to collect this kind of things or dolls or ponies or whatever: since I love them I'll collect them ^_^
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