~Bama~ 12:48pm, 4 October 2010
I hope to have them one day, but until then....

If anyone has the Twins can you please post their birthday so the rest of us will know?

Thanks in advance!

Kookanoid 8 years ago
October 12 :)
Varta ! 8 years ago
That's right !!
Both of them were made from a piece of farmer’s overalls and both of them of course celebrate their birthday day at the same day October 12, known as Old Farmer’s Day. This day is a great Holiday for all farmers and twins also like to celebrate it in a big company. They are very hardworking persons, they work all day long on their farm from early morning to late evening, that’s why these girls have the most fabulous and rich harvest. When all work is done, they like to invite all their Lalaloopsy friends and arrange a great party....
Ɲ¡ƙƙ¡ 8 years ago
10 12
~Bama~ 8 years ago
Thanks for the replies!

For those of you who haven't already joined, please join my new LaLaloopsy forum. :o)

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