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Pillow Featherbed problem

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Pjaqh96_2 says:

I just got my Pillow Featherbed last night and played with her a lot since then. The bottom button on her pajamas fell off. Should I try to sew it on or call MGA?
4:50PM, 24 September 2010 PDT (permalink)

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ariisu81 is a group administrator ariisu81 says:

why calling MGA? if it's only a button it can easily be sewn on...
94 months ago (permalink)

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Ɲ¡ƙƙ¡ says:

I had 3 buttons fall off Sunny Side Ups overalls and I asked my mom if she could sew them on she did I couldn't notice the diffrance.
94 months ago (permalink)

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~Bama~ says:

I would just sew the button back on.

I have Pillow Featehrbed (and Peanut Big Top), but haven't been able to take them out and play becasue my granddaughter's b'day is this week and the dolls are a surprise. So I have to hide my dolls until she gets her's.

She is getting Bea Spells-a-Lot.

94 months ago (permalink)

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