ariisu81 PRO 8:55pm, 2 July 2010
I'd like to get the orange-haired blue-eyed one :-)

what about you?
temporary canvas [deleted] 8 years ago
Yes, the orange-haired, blue-eyed one. No doubt about it. They are all cute though. I've never seen them before.
sweaterkitten! 8 years ago
I just bought "Pillow Featherhead" for my daughter. They are all so cute, I cant wait to get them all for her!
ariisu81 PRO 8 years ago
I wish shipping to germany wouldn't be that expensive DX
I will have to wait until I will be able to get one ~___~

here's my Top 3 List:

1. Bea Spells-a-lot ( orange hair, blue eyes )
2. Pillow Featherhead ( the one with the pjs )
3. Crumbs Sugar Cookie ( pink hair and black hairbow, yellow and pink dress )
purple-princess 8 years ago
purple hair in tutu is my girl :oD

well she will be when I get her....
~Bama~ 8 years ago
I have 3, but haven't been able to find the ones I want the most, which are Crumbs and Mittens.

remarkable story [deleted] 8 years ago
I have five now (one is on layby) but I'd really like Bea spells a lot <3
KupcakeKiller 8 years ago
1. Spot Splatter Splash
2. Peanut Big Top
3. Bea Spells-a-lot
Im just dying to get one
chocchip PRO 8 years ago
1. Spot Splatter Splash
2. Pillow Featherhead
3. Crumbs sugar cookie
4. Peanut Big Top
Strwbrrystar PRO 8 years ago
I want Mittens and Spot Splatter Splash. And either Crumbs or Blossom
Strwbrrystar PRO 8 years ago
Got Crumbs and Blossom last night, and the mini Spot. So now I just want Mittens (the big one)!
magnificent existence [deleted] 8 years ago
I'd like to grab Spot and Dot.
Black♥Kat's OLD ACCOUNT!!~ Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Black♥Kat's OLD ACCOUNT!!~ (member) 7 years ago
1. Bea
2. Mittens
3. Pillow
4. Jewel
5. Tippy
6. Spot
7. Peanut
RagingMoon1987 6 years ago
Charlotte Charades is high on my list, as well as Jelly Wiggle Jiggle from the mini set.
kgaerr 6 years ago
blossom flowerpot. none in the shops, overpriced on ebay, i'm biding my time, but i'll get one... I hope they bring out a little sister for her.

Silly hair Pix-e-flutters is second on the list.
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