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Your first Lalaloopsy doll? strawbewie 11 Yuki_87 3 years ago
Adult collectors chocchipPRO 41 claire n°47 5 years ago
Boxes: keep or toss? nikita2471 13 -relocating- 5 years ago
Are the new lalaoopsies as good as the lalaloopsy dolls ChristmasGoulevitch 0 ChristmasGoulevitch 5 years ago
Minis by series? nikita2471 17 benthemeek 6 years ago
which one would you like to get? ariisu81PRO 14 kgaerr 6 years ago
Clothes for Lalaloopsy JenniesDolls 5 RagingMoon1987 6 years ago
who do you have? ariisu81PRO 32 RagingMoon1987 6 years ago
Just saw FeatherTellaTal & Cinder Slippers full size dolls at QVC online! Bridget_John316 0 Bridget_John316 6 years ago
Something screwy's going on... there are invisible pictures in this group! >>> Bridget_John316 1 Bridget_John316 6 years ago
mini lala storage? missymelissannPRO 6 missymelissannPRO 6 years ago
shoes for lalaloopsy large and littles kgaerr 0 kgaerr 6 years ago
Removal of glue stains? Ringmaster Aria 0 Ringmaster Aria 6 years ago
All New Dolls and Things URGENT NEWS Ɲ¡ƙƙ¡ 3 acrid passenger (deleted) 7 years ago
New Lalaloopsy Flickr groups Lily Reveles 0 Lily Reveles 7 years ago
Lalaloopsy VS Blythe Size (for Patterns) amberrenée.com 2 amberrenée.com 7 years ago
Removing painting flaws from Lalaloopsy's face. tsubasa_ozora.rmPRO 3 tomboy_sandee 7 years ago
Peanut Big Top's little sister! tomboy_sandee 3 tomboy_sandee 7 years ago
Do You Think Lalas Are Going To Be Modern Beanie Babies? Ɲ¡ƙƙ¡ 7 misaki doll 7 years ago
New Minis Ɲ¡ƙƙ¡ 1 crystalpix 7 years ago
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