nils_karlson 9:33am, 13 February 2015
Hey, I hope it is ok to post this here?!

I am about to sell my very nice C220 along with the 80mm f/2.8 blue dot lens and a 180mm f/4.5 chrome (18cm f/4.5 Seikosha-S), either as a kit or piece by piece, depending on what you demand.
Though it is a wonderful kit, my eyes are just too bad to focus it in dim light, which makes it almost useless to my needs…but damn, it is such a nice gem - if I were rich, I'd keep it just to look at it!

Please not that I live in Germany, so this may not be too interesting for the folks in the US and overseas, as shipping costs are horrible.

works absolutely fine: light seals, frame counter, single/multiple exposure, film transport, lock/unlock flap to chage lenses mid-roll, cable release socket: all without failure.
Overall the cosmetic condition is very good, though the winding knob/lever is dented (but works fine!). I don't know if all C220s have this, but it has the red parallax pointers in the viewfinder - though I must confess I don't have a clue how it works!

80mm f/2.8 blue dot lens:
This one is the latest version of the 80mm lens and utilizes click stops (1/500-1sec, Bulb). There is a tiny bit of dust in the lens, with no effect on image quality. All shutter speeds are correct (all tested!), glass is clear, no fungus etc.
I can sell this lens along with the camera body, as I don not have the back caps; the front cap is not the original one (covering both lenses), but two generic 46mm pinch style lens caps. If anyone uses 49mm filters, I will add a 46-49mm step up ring and a 49mm pinch style cap.

180mm f/4.5 chrome (labeled: 18cm f/4.5 Seikosha-S):
This is the version with the chrome ring on the view lens and 49mm filter threads. The lens got CLA'd at my trusted photo repair shop for €60, as the glass was smeared (Foto Museler in Bochum/Germany), and now all functions are fine; glass is clear (with a small amount of dust), shutter speeds (1/500-1sec, Bulb) are tested and correct.
The taking lens has a dent in the filter thread, but filters can still be used without problems. Actually, there is a very nice Heliopan UV filter in chrome finish already attached to the lens, so stacking filters is a breeze.
Also, there is a scratch in the black laquer of the barrel of the view lens, caused by the lens clamp bracket while changing the lens.
This lens comes with all the original caps, the original hard leather case and the finder mask.

Images of these will appear in a sperate album in my photostream soon, by then you may want to have a look at the dog photos I posted in this group =)

I have not thought about pricing yet, but I will look at ebay etc. to have some guidelines - so I am not gonna rip you off, and the price will be fair to both buyer and me.

If it is not ok to post this here, feel free to delete it (and sorry for the inconvenience!)
nils_karlson 3 years ago
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