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T-Dog1 PRO 3:27pm, 18 September 2010
I have a C330f camera in the mail to me so I should have it soon. I used a Yashica 124 and it was a lot of fun but wanted something a little larger ( big hands) and more versatile. My question is I found the wlf on the 124 was ok but kind of dim, useable but dim. What viewfinder do people prefer for C330? . I know it may depend on just what your doing at the time but what do you use and why. Thanks for your time
fenderslash Posted 8 years ago. Edited by fenderslash (member) 8 years ago
Before buying my C330f I used an early '50s Rolleicord. Perhaps it was just because the Rolleicord's viewfinder was so dim, but I found the Mamiya's screens to be perfectly fine in that regard and have never felt the need to buy a brighter screen from a third party manufacturer.

My favourite of the optional screens for the Mamiya is the "number 3" screen with the split prism in the centre. The prism allows me to focus more quickly and accurately than just rocking the focus back and forth over and over on a plain screen, plus it also makes focussing easier when the ambient light is a bit dimmer.
T-Dog1 PRO 8 years ago
Thanks for feedback! I'll just have to see what's it like when it arrives. I am looking at the various prism viewfinders available plus the chimney one also. I will start looking for the split prism focus screen. Thanks again.
fenderslash 8 years ago
Happy to help. Definitely go for the proper prism over the Porrofinder. One of my cameras came with the Porrofinder and after a trial run I decided that the waist level finder was actually better. I've always wanted to get the prism finder myself, but it hasn't happened for me yet. I've read a lot of good opinions about the chimney too.
T-Dog1 PRO 8 years ago
Yes that is what I have been reading. The prism is the way to go and I have been looking for one in good shape. The magnification on the chimney sounds good too.
perfect profit [deleted] 7 years ago
Ive had all of them, the prism is heavy but its super. Highly recommended
J.N.Waitzel 7 years ago
My favourite screen is the standard-screen, the split-screen is difficult to use with the 135/180/250mm-lenses.
chapelcross8 6 years ago
I've gradually acquired all the finders. In order of most frequent use I like:
- the standard waist-level finder (because it's the most compact)
- the CdS magnifying finder (diopter adjustment, great view wearing glasses, TTL metering)
- the magnifying chimney finder (which has the highest magnification option, ideal for aging eyes or dimmer light)
- the prism finder once in awhile (for rapid pointing at moving subjects)

For focusing screen, I like either the ground-glass centre or the split-screen; I'd like to try the microprism type -- like my old Pentax Spotmatic -- but have never seen one for sale.
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