The General Was Here !!! 7:20am, 6 March 2010
Does Anyone Have Some Nice Photographs Of...Japanese Planes Zeros...Bombers Etc
Also Any of Old And New russian Planes ...e.g .New russian Jets Etc
Nick Foss PRO 8 years ago
Going to Wanika and thay are going to have a Zero there going to get some pics then :)
i Live In New Zealand..But Can't Get There ( I Have Been To About 3 Other Wanaka Airshows & Took Some Photos Of Planes Need To Scanned (Pre Digital Era)
aaron waid PRO 8 years ago
aaron waid PRO 8 years ago
VAL kinda
John. Romero 8 years ago
Here is a Yak-3


and a Yak-52

Yakovlev Yak-52 (Як-52)

And a bad picture of a Zero

Japanese Zero
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