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colemama ADMIN February 4, 2010

View the group rules link for appropriate netiquette for this project. (See below right under Additional Information)

Please look in the Discussion forum for the Assignments and Due Dates

Group Description

Worldwide collaborative project to share photographs and writing

Group Rules


1. For online safety, never give out personal information - such as your address or phone number. As your username, either use your first name, or a decent nickname.

2. The project network is ONLY for the use of students participating in the project. Never share your username or password with anyone. Never log in as another student.

3. Make sure that all the content (photos and texts) you upload are acceptable. If in doubt, better check with your teacher first. Online work is NOT private. Never say or publish anything that you wouldn't mind seeing on the school bulletin board, or in the local newspaper or being seen by your parents and relatives. Remember that, apart from yourself, you are also representing your school, city and country in this project. In addition, always remember to ask permission for uploading any other people’s photos.

5. Remember to be an active member and contributor. Keep improving your writing and expression to attract the attention of other members. Start interesting discussions and keep them going. Keep regular track of what's happening. Always reply to personal messages that you may receive without delay. Waiting for ages at the other end is usually very disappointing!

6. Never use other people's work as your own. In other words, don't cut, copy, or plagiarize Internet content. Consider using the Creative Commons license in sharing your photographs - the default is Copyright, but it is easy to change!

7. Always use acceptable and polite language. Carefully proofread (i.e. spelling, grammar, punctuation) your online work before you post, just like you would a regular written assignment. Also check that all the links you may have created on your page work properly.

8. When you choose your photos, think about the audience – all the other young people in different countries. What might interest them about you, your life, your country, your culture?

9. Show an interest in other cultures, for example ask questions, find out, comment! Sometimes you may come across ideas that seem odd - even objectionable - to you. However, explore them politely; never ridicule or look down on other students' opinions. People always act according to their cultural background. These backgrounds are all different, yet all equally valuable. No culture can be superior to others!

10. If you ever receive unpleasant or offensive messages from anyone, inform your teacher straight away.

Overall, though, you should enjoy the intercultural collaboration, and work towards building a more peaceful world through knowledge and understanding.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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