JVinOZ 9:18pm, 31 March 2010
According to DNA testing all the Sophronitis species are now considered to be Cattleyas. A check of the Kew Checklist shows no Sphronitis species as being accepted. Does this now make this group obsolete?
Luiz Filipe Varella 8 years ago
Hi there, John!
I don't think it will be obsolete... We can keep calling them Sophronitis forever, like synonyms!
And always I find one in situ - there are S.coccinea and S.cernua just 120km from my house! - I will say "look, another Sophronitis!; I believe I will never think "look, another Cattleya!" (this I keep to say when I see another C.intermedia or C.tigrina...)

It is just another round of the taxonomic battles.
See ya, thanks for the message
JVinOZ 8 years ago
I know exactly what you mean. Shakespeare said it all with his reference to roses.
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