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Which FD to EOS adapter to buy

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Kumarrishi says:

HI i need a EOS to Fnd doesnt docus to infinity. ANy one using adapter having glass. if so please suggest which one to buy
10:52AM, 7 April 2011 PDT (permalink)

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Sujit Mahapatra says:

You can Read the "Genuine CANON brand FD lens adapters" section here www.bobatkins.com/photography/eosfaq/manual_focus_EOS.html
99 months ago (permalink)

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tocopixel is a group administrator tocopixel says:

Kumarrishi - have a look here...


It's a bit of a backgrounder...

Genuine CANON adaptors were made for the pro's when Canon went EOS... they were very expensive. Today Generic one's from eBay are just fine in most cases.
98 months ago (permalink)

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kndynt2099 says:

I actually bought one from eBay for less than $10 and it works for all my FD lenses.
96 months ago (permalink)

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Shoot First.... says:

I'm working on a permanent conversion right now with an fd 50mm 1.8. I know it's a cheap lens to do so much work on but that's exactly why it's my guinea pig. So far I have full manual aperture control with a direct link from the outside aperture ring to the inside aperture ring. I'm still working on figuring out the mount spacing, but if nothing else I supposed I can use it for macro.
94 months ago (permalink)

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GOR44Photographic@Gmail.com says:


I use this one, which focuses to infinity and is well made: www.amazon.co.uk/Maxsima-Canon-converter-adapter-FD-EOS/d...

Regards Gordon
69 months ago (permalink)

thundering pizza [deleted] says:


That's the one I use and is fine.
53 months ago (permalink)

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John C Hansen says:

Tony, I cannot tell which answer you refer to when you say: "That's the one I use." If you refer to the message right above yours which mentions the Maxsima, would you please tell us if you feel the sharpness of the lens is unchanged, or is the image softened by the adapter glass?
I am disappointment by the soft focus that my adapter is giving me.
I did not come here to bash the brand I bought, but to learn which one will perform without reducing the sharpness of the prime lens with the aperture fully open. I expect my lens to perform the same in terms of sharpness at all aperture settings.

And, just to be clear, are you talking about an adapter that will be used on a Canon EOS camera that is made for the EF lenses? Which Canon Camera are you using? Does your photostream have examples of photographs that you took at a full open aperture? May we please look at them as an example of the results we might expect if we put that lens and that adapter onto our own Canon EOS camera?
52 months ago (permalink)

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apg_lucky13 says:

I paid $30 usd for my Albinar FD to EOS adapter, sure, it a cheapy but I am pleased with its output. I own a Mu43 platform and the EOS M platform, along with a lot of MF glass. I figured $20 bucks, why not give it a whirl. And it's been fun slapping on the FD mount glass to my EOS platform bodies.

The 50/1.4 is super soft wide open with eh adapter, then gets better stopping down. With my longer FD glass, wide open is less of an issue.

I just added a photo to this group using my FD 300/4 wide open on my 1DMKIII, and though it will not win any high-resolution and super sharp contests, the result is pleasing to me.

49 months ago (permalink)

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Carbonkrazy says:

In my opinion, the main reason for using these lenses is the glass quality. By placing an inferior piece of glass between the lens and the sensor, image quality and sharpness is degraded considerably. You may as well use a cheap, modern autofocus lens. I have found that properly converted lenses will give outstanding results even at wide apertures. The only problem with converting them is that some of the shorter lenses have mirror contact on full frame bodies. This can however be overcome by using live view. I wasted my money on adapters before converting my first lens.
44 months ago (permalink)

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j.barnum says:

I bought the adapter from EdMika for my FD 50mm F1.4 mount on my Canon T3i. It works great. Recently I tried to find his website however, it appears to be taken down.
If you are looking for his adapters, you may have to buy an FD lens already modified.

He made adapters which had you remove the camera end mounting plate of an FD lens and use his adapter. NO glass is used like those cheap FD to EOS from china for $25-40.00. I have one of those and I can not make it focus or be sharp.

I did some research from UK and Germany for an FD adapter but never pursed those websites .
42 months ago (permalink)

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