how about for a bit of fun we run a photo of the week comp? Either images can be nominated or I could choose a favourite and post it here with a little rational.

Comments appreciated

Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Here's the 1st one

Congrats Winnu

Daren Smith 8 years ago
What a shot to start the comp! Well done.
This weeks image is from Anthony House, I choose this as I know how hard it it to get the timing right let alone the exposure and focus.

Congrats Tony

Common Tern
tony.house61 PRO 8 years ago
Thanks for picking my image Steve for photo of the week, much appreciated....

This weeks Photo of the Week is from a regular contributor who never ceases to amaze me with his post processing skill, although not sure that so much went in to this one. Love the detail in this Eric AKA "The Digital Surgeon" congratulations

 Rufus Hummingbird (View large) ©
Mahsleb 8 years ago
Fantastic close up Eric, congrats!
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Edvard Wendelin is my winner for this weeks photo of the week, sorry it was a day late.
This simple image is extremely difficult, the fact that the bird is black and the beak and forehead are white, add to this the excellent background that melts into the foreground and super detail in the blacks of the bird.

A super shot, like so many in the group

Eurasian Coot
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Roy H gets my thumbs up this week, I may be a little biased towards these little birds as we don't have then in the UK but I love the perspective Roy has captured, rather than the usual side on shot, I can't say that I can recall seeing this angle recently if at all. On top of that its a well exposed and sharp image
There are so many good shots so a big thanks to all for posting excellent images

Roy Hancliff 8 years ago
Many thanks for choosing my photo this week, it is always nice to get recognition from fellow photographers. Glad you like them as much as I do , have to confess to being a little obsessed with them they are such amazing creatures, that are incredible to watch and having flown 2000 miles to be here in British Columbia I strive to give them the credit they deserve.
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Hamish11 is my pick of the week and a job that is very tough as there are so many great images.
I love the exposure with this shot, the detail retained in the whites is not that easy IMHO, and the fine detail in the crest / head feathers are a delight, so I choose this my Picture of the Week.
Congratulations Hamish11

Famosa Slough 2008-228
Sydney21940 gets my pick of the week with a last minute addition to the pool, I had already picked my image of the week until I saw this one. I'm being a bit selfish as these birds are a bit of a favourite of mine and I know how difficult it can be to a get a shot let alone one that is very detailed and where those small white patches don't get blown out, this one ticks all my boxes, a very detailed image, superbly sharp and IMHO perfectly exposed.

Well done and well done to all as this choice is very tough each week

Aaron Gee PRO 8 years ago
Well done Sydney, I know how many hours you have spent photographing the kingfishers,as I have been with you on a few occasions and we have had to put up with the light constantly changing, it has been very challenging with the sun shining one minute,then going very dull the next,constantly having to adjust the camera settings.
Well done to all members again this week for submitting those superb images. if I had the time I could do a top 5........

Nigel Pye gets my thumbs up this week with his stunning portrait of a Puffin, the detail in this image is superb as is the exposure and colours. This is one Puffin shot I would like to take

Atlantic Puffin - D2X6688
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Jaygum gets my vote this week with a beautiful pair or Bee eaters, the details and colours are outstanding (and I must admit a bird I would love to photograph). I note that this was digiscoped so I believe its my first Digiscoped photo of the week

Congratulations on my choice of picture of the week

Abelharuco (Merops apiaster)
shaftina©tion 8 years ago
Great shot.
My choice this week is a super image of a Burrowing Owl by Shyalbatross, the subject is great, the simple perch doesn't detract from the image and the background being a gradient of land to sky (I assume) really sets it off.
Again another difficult choice as I had Kingfishers, Egrets and sparrows in flight, Herons with oversized catchs ti name but a few.

Burrowing Owl Juv. (Athene cunicularia)
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Another difficult week and with some superb Hummingbird images I could have chosen a number of them as my pic of the week. Unfortunately I can only chose one and this weeks is the beautiful American Avocet from Glenn Bartley. A cracking subject caught in all its glory with great lighting a super smooth and gradient background taken from a great perspective. Nice one Glenn and thanks for contributing.

American Avocet (Recurvirostra americana)
We have a tie, image one is back in the UK this week with a bird I suspect was captured not far from me, probably a semi selfish choice but if you haven't been on a UK heath when the gorse / heather is in bloom and the chats / warblers / finches are perched on top you should try. They make some of the best photo opportunities as they offer a flat clean background as perfectly demonstrated here with a whitethroat by Imnotatwitcher
whitethoat 3

and equal 1st was the superb Nighthawk from Photosbyjoe, unfortunately I cant grab the HTML for the image so am unable to display it here.
thanks steve im well chuffed.this was taken at dunwich heath,
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
What a great choice this week, Loons, Little Owls, and extremely well captured flight shots from Roy and I almost choose the postcard from Yorkshire just as it was an amusing and well framed view of a gulls life on many beaches around the world. So this week its my pleasure to award my photo of the week to Ammadoux for her delightful capture of a Willow Warbler on an beautiful flowering bush, its a super composition.
Well done all Dous and everyone else keep up the great work.

Willow and  Exsora!!
Bri Wigs "SEO" gets my choice for photo of the week, love the settings and background colours, the perch seems to compliment the species, sharp and dangerous. Those eyes are just superb.
As for the rest, superb Kingfishers again from a few contributors and the juv Swallows nearly made it through to my final choice as did those elegant Grey Herons.
Another great week, thanks all

Short eared owl,screeching
Bri Wig Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Bri Wig (member) 8 years ago
Thanks Steve for picking my image of the SEO,it's much appreciated.
Regards Brian.
jaygum_photo 8 years ago
Thanks to include me amoung this greats photographers. Such a distintion, as your choice, make´s me very proud. Regards Steve.
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Ahh well another tough week, lots of excellent shots, some great Whitethroats, waders and the usual high standard Hummingbirds and Kingfisher, for quality and colour alone I could easily award my photo of the week to those two species every week.
This week however is a 2nd "Photo of the Week" award to Roy H for his amazing capture of a pair of Siskins in aerial combat, this must have been a most difficult shot especially when viewed at the largest size you realise how sharp and well exposed it is
Congrats again Roy, thanks all for another week of astounding images.

ammadoux Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ammadoux (member) 8 years ago
LOL thanks a million for choosing my WW as photo of the week i am very honored.

Willow and  Exsora!!

love that Whitethraot shot, it is so gorgeous as well as it is one of my favorite bird.

the Owl shot is Jaw dropping.

i think all the POW selected are superb shots, congratulation all.
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Well its another grand week with loads of possiblilties for my Photo of the Week choice, a great Woodpecker from Singapore, Humming Birds, Peregrines and the usual high quality Kingfishers, and a raft of super images from various parts of the UK and a nice Whinchat. but my choice this week is from BonnieG2010 with a cracking red winged blackbird who looks as though its just had a good shake n preen, great feather detail and a super setting, Congrats Bonnie

Red winged Blackbird 7953
There was nearly another second time winner this week with Winnu's excellent wader about to be swamped by a mini Tsunami and another excellent week all round from all the contributors to this group, extremely high standards again and a few notable SEO's, Humming birds and Kingfishers as well as a whole heap of super waders.
This week my choice and award of "Photo of the Week" goes to Wild Lens with a stunning Whinchat, a sharp image on a super perch and a clean background. Well done
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Again a superb week by the members, stunning shots, a great Goshawk in flight, stunning Kingfishers and Hummingbirds, a great batch of waders and plovers, a smattering of Owls and some great chats and migrants leaving the UK. My choice this week goes to Rainbirder AKA Steve Garvie with a stunning Malachite Sunbird, a super image taken in harsh lighting but superbly exposed with a sublime background and attractive perch, well done Steve

Malachite Sunbird (Nectarinia famosa)
Rainbirder PRO 8 years ago
Many thanks for choosing to include my image in the Photo of the week gallery. I feel honoured to be amongst such excellent company. Thanks everyone.

Steve G
Sorry I'm late this week its been very busy at work.
Grant Glendinning gets my thumbs up this week for a superb shot of a common garden bird in the EU a Chaffinch. Its been captured whilst hovering (I suspect in front of a perch or feeder) but the clarity and sharpness with great lighting gives it my vote. It could have quite easily been a superb Firecrest or an Osprey about to fish. along with loads of stunning Kingfishers, waders and other small birds.
Well taken Grant
This weeks winner epitomises fieldcraft (and patience I guess) and that its not all about big lenses, Nigel's Red Knot taken with a wide angle lens demonstrates the environment perfectly that the subject feeds and lives in. Not only is it a great subject but the dof, detail and exposure are all spot on. Now I have seen another thread on birdforum where I understand Nigel has a frying pan base with a mount attached for these shots, if it was used here its a worthy winner for ingenuity alone.
A cracking shot Nigel
Well done again to all another superb week with some amazing images posted and the Mongolian Plover was nearly my choice so a close run second wel done Stella C Eagle and a final mention for Pat Ulrich's Western snowy Plover another that was on the short list.

Red Knot, Calidris canutus.
just cant believe the excellent images I get posted in this group and I now have employed the wife to assist in my choice for photo of the week, to make sure I'm not missing something. Worth noting Musicaltones swallows in flight, feeding and drinking on the wing superb, a cracking tree sparrow in flight from Mark Coates, Winnu's continuing very high quality images of waders, superb hummingbird entries, hellotim80's great Bearded Tit and a whole bunch of people with Herons especially greedy ones.
This weeks choice is a bird that if not already will be leaving the UK shortly and one that I always find enjoyable to photograph, there was a few submissions this week but my choice of Wheatear goes to Ray Scott, Ray looks like you were pretty close to the subject and bagged a cracking image, well done

This week I going to name my top 5 as all could have been "Photo of the Week" but only one can be chosen so the 5 that are equal 2nd are RGDresser's superb Egret with the cracking industrial reflections, Pat Ulrich's Sandlings (Take a Bow), Gashuffer's Wryneck, Gary1844's "Yellow Checked Tit" and Gseloff's Osprey (stabalisers) on any other week they and probably more could have been photo of the week but this weeks choice is a superb Hummingbird, the detail, focus and exposure are all spot on but the exquisite wing position and full tail spread really does it for me so congratulations Kirwinj with the superb "Red throat Female' Hummingbird.

Ruby Throat Female Hummer-001
kirwinj PRO 8 years ago
Thanks Steve. I am new to the group and it is an honor to be selected. The quality of the work in the group is outstanding.
Thanks all been a very busy week so not had much time online, another super week for postings, Musicaltones shots never cease to amaze as do those frozen in flight images from Grant, if Winnu gets any closer to those waders I'm sure he'll need a macro lens, a superb shocked looking owl from Glenn and a cracking Peregrine from "the digital surgeon" Pat's superb shots they really do say something. Reculver birds always posts great images as does Matt Latham, check out there galleries and a lovely little sparrow from K Alinka. I could go on and on with the excellent shots posted on this group, well done all.
This weeks winner though is a delightful Lapland Bunting sitting on a bed of heather, on what looks a very pleasant evening by Ronan McLaughlin, a very nice image indeed

Lapland Bunting (Calcarius lapponicus)
Sorry a bit late today been out n about, thanks all for the superb images posted this week all worth noting but can only do a few, a great number of great Kestrel images with a cracker from Malkingfisher with his Cormorant and a rather large catch, a superb Knot caught in the splash from a breaking wave from Jeffcop, Pat Ulrichs super Grey Heron, one of the nicest I've seen, Stella C Eagle and a Nuthatch in snow, the bird does compliment the background, Gashuffer's Short Eared Owl and finally my pick of the week, LBooker (Lorraine) and her very artistic capture of an Egret fishing a lovely mono image that shows the point of impact and splash superbly, Well composed Lorraine
Thanks to everyone for making this group a really top quality group

Thank-you so much for the wonderful compliment.
So when I started this for a bit of fun I never realised how difficult it is to pick one photograph as there are so many that could get my vote.
This week I have seen a new angle to the bird photography posted on this group with a group that is unique from "Paddler 60" I'm amazed at his postings and haven't a clue how he creates these images.
As usual though there is only one I chose and this weeks albeit a day late is a superb image from Tadas Naujokaitis with a lovely composed Nuthatch, I may be biased as this is one bird I'd love to get like this but the setting and bird just does it for me.
Congratulations Tadas for this weeks "Photo of the Week"

Nuthatch (Sitta europaea)
Another great week and another tough week, if I could have runners up Rainbirder, Phil Johnstone, Winnu, GaryT48 and Adrian Dancy would have all been in the running as well as many more but my pick this week is a beautiful female Kingfisher from Malckingfisher, stunning detail in what looks like poor light and water droplets to boot, a great composition

Kingfisher in rain

Keep em coming all
malckingfisher 8 years ago
Thank you for your kind words Steve. Poor light and raining!! Sometimes even with everything against you it all comes together. I am addicted to these birds.
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 7 years ago
sorry all I have very little time this week so my choice is from Mike Forsman, a beautifully captured Black-crowned night heron

Black-crowned Night Heron
Mike Forsman PRO 8 years ago
Thanks so much for noticing and choosing one of my favorite shots, Steve. It's very nice to be included in such great company.
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Well it was another tough week and I'm glad this is for a bit of fun, as I watch the images come in during the week I see ones to consider as POTW and make a mental note. Its still a tough call and this week Pat Ulrich's "Golden Godwit" or "Black-Belied Plover", Winnu & Digital surgeon for a superb "Scoter" Roy Hancliff and his "Chickadee in flight" or even Gashuffer with a superb "Short-eared Owl" plus many more could have been my choice but they were all pipped by Sesamest74's portrait of a "Large-tailed Nightjar" super detail of this stunning bird, well done

<Portrait of Large-tailed Nightjar (Caprimulgus macrurus)
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Sorry I'm late bit a manic week and a bit of a disastrous one for me but that's another story, I see that we have broken 400 members and contributions are very healthy with some superb images posted, in fact too many for me to mention, let alone choose a winner, this week I was torn between two images a beautiful Dunlin and a cracking Sanderling, and the Sanderling got there by a short nose...... so Imnotatwitcher nearly and Gashuffer Aka Sean Browne congrats this week, the great little bird captured scurrying across the sand is a cracking image.

gashuffer PRO 8 years ago
Thanks Steve. There are so many great images in this group, I'm really chuffed to have my picture chosen.
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
well another manic week, where does the time go? I hope that all the UK members aren't suffering in our early cold snap and don't forget to feed those garden visitors.
I'm sticking my neck out here and going to mention Pat Ulrich, if there was one person who is consistently in my mind for image of the week but I've never picked one its Pat, the Little Owl this week with a superb facial expression was almost my choice but sitting back I went with a great little "Crested tit" from Alain Ghignone a great little bird, crest up and photographed in its usual habitat. Again a great week for Kingfishers but well done Alain and a well done to Pat for a consistent high standard of contributions

Cincia dal ciuffo_Parus cristatus_Mésange huppée
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Sorry all, been in hospital and was let out today so wanted to update the picture of the week, sorry far too many posted over the past 3 weeks to name but I have chosen one and it was going to be a wonderful waxwing (as I've missed them all so far this year) but I chose a superbly perched Kestrel from Wryneck94. I will try and keep up now but I have a couple of weeks recovery and I may not be up to sitting on the mac for a while.....

Kestrel 3
wryneck94 8 years ago
Thanks to Steve - hope you're feeling better - and all at this group for the wonderful and unexpected compliment of awarding my Kestrel photo "picture of the week."

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Geoff Dicker (Wryneck 94)
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Okay so photo of the week has gone a bit awry since my recent hospital visit and the seasons festivities but I will try and get back on track this year. I have had to many to choose from and have chosen a bird that I would love to get myself and if it was half as good as this one I would be very happy. Tony's Hawfinch is superb, the setting adds to the fantastic detail in the image, great colours and excellent exposure

Congrats on the 1st for 2011 Tony

David Wheatley PRO 8 years ago
Sorry to hear you've been in hospital, but keep up the good work. This thread is has some inspirational images: a great spur to get out and take better pictures!
Apologies if it feels like photo of the month but I don't seem to have a lot of time at the moment. A superb set of images and I'm at a loss as day after day things just keep getting better and better.

Again Im being very selfish with my choice today, this is one bird that I look forward too each year and missed most locally this time around. So I have choosed one from Jonnersace, this is one of a number of fine examples of a Waxwing but was taken close to where I live so it got my vote as a local bird

2010 12 11_0097_Waxwing
Jonnersace 8 years ago
Many thanks for choosing my Waxwing pic, Steve. I hope your recent hospital visit is well and truly behind you and that it doesn't hamper your photography in 2011. Hope too that we get to see some more Waxwings in this neck of the woods. Cheers :)
So time to update my photo of the moment.......
Yes the sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed that I haven't been able to do this weekly so I will do it as frequently as I'm able.

My nomination for photo of the moment goes to Ian White with a serene male Goldeneye, not normally known for there photographic possibilities, I'm sure this shot was down to great planning and perseverance.
A couple of mentions, a superb Smew from Alain Ghignone and these must be one of the most difficult birds to photograph on water in teh UK as they are very nervous, the other is super Burrowing Owl from Pat Ulrich, what a stare.......
Far too many quality shots to mention everyone but what a great group of quality images from around the world.

Goldeneye - Bucephala clangula
Well another milestone 7000 images in under a year and what a superb set, looking back over the year I can honestly say that I've never seen such a superb Gallery anywhere on Flickr, the members really do like to show there very best.
So to mark this milestone the 7000th image is the photo of the moment and it was posted by Wryneck94 and yet another example of a top shot in the group.
Thanks all for making this groups a success

Long-billed Dowitcher preening
Well absolutely stunning images, and where is everyone getting the sun from? I had a Bittern in front of me on Thursday morning and was shooting at 1/200 at iso 800 for most of the time still managed a few keepers.
However my photo of the moment is a cracking Bullfinch from Rob C 2010, why did I choose this bird as these have been my bogey bird (well these and blackcaps) but tomorrow I will be hoping to change that with a reasonable drive to the midlands in search of these birds. If I get any half as good as this I'll be very pleased.

Steve Plume (find me at Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 7 years ago
I've had a red letter week this week, 2 days with sun and loads of birds and for the 1st time in my life a Bittern that was visible for over 6 hrs over 2 days in the same spot and in the sun, taken loads of photo's but one that would make oany one proud is the stunning Redpoll taken by the Valley Walker, simply superb, nicely framed a great perch and super detail, my photo of the moment

Lesser Redpoll
The Valley Togger 7 years ago
Many thanks Steve, honoured that this has been chosen.
And the latest photo of the moment is a superb Great Crested Grebe, anyone who at this time of the year manages not only to witness the courtship but to photograph it is very lucky, this image should get us all out there looking for the beautiful dance routine these birds perform

Congrats to Alain Gignone

svasso maggiore podiceps cristatus
alain ghignone 7 years ago
thank you very much Steve, it is an honor to be selected for the second time..there are so many stunning photos in this group!!
Sorry its been so long, work is manic and weather is good so I'm trying to spend as much time behind the camera than in front of my Mac.
This image is one that I would dearly love to get, I have over the years come close but not succeeded so a very well done to Jvverde for a cracking Cuckoo. I have had these calling for the last few days but despite my best Cuckoo impression have failed to attract one in front of the lens....

Cuco / Eurasian Cuckoo
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 7 years ago
Hi all been a long time since my last update, what with the UK's manic Bank Holiday April / May and my trip to Lesvos I've not had a lot of time to process images let alone play with this excellent group.
My photo of the moment I can honestly say goes to someone who could have been chosen every time Pat Ulrich with an excellent Black Bellied Plover, looks like you could have bee on top of the bird with a macro lens lol

Watching for worms
Pat Ulrich PRO 7 years ago
Thanks so much, Steve! It's an honor to be selected in such great company as the other shots on the page! As for the plover, there were indeed a few times that it came too close for my lens (8 ft MFD) while I was laying in the sand with it, which gave me a chance to pull my eye away from the viewfinder and observe this lovely bird up close.
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 7 years ago
Another long break between updates but my photo of the moment goes to John Coveney for a stunning and rather unique view of a Gannet, apart from the main subject the sense of depth in the image is outstanding and the part gannets really add to the composition and its a great subject any way

Rush Air
jvverde PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by jvverde (member) 7 years ago
Thank you very match for select my photo. It's an honor!!!
I was lucky that time.
After that I tried again several times but without success.
its been 5 weeks since my last update and so many superb images have been posted. My choice today is another stunner and why its my photo of the moment is simple, I received a notice today that Bee-eaters had flown over my local patch so quite a buzz in the air (no pun intended)

So Congrats to Antonio Guerra for a superb little Bee-eater

Abelharuco-dourado / Abelharuco-pequeno / Little bee-eater
I know its been ages but a change in job recently has meant less time on line and out n about, I was going to post one of the many Short Eared Owl shots that grace this group but kept getting drawn to Winnu's stunning Snowy Owl, what a superb bird and another that is absent from mine and I guess many others portfolio's

A nice image for Christmas has everything apart from a partridge in a pear tree, nicely done Mickael

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!!
What a great image to warm oneself up, the winter has finally hit the UK and were about to freeze, no doubt it'll be absolute chaos as we once again find out that snow and ice can bring the country to a standstill.
So Stefano has posted a wonderful warm winters Red-crested Pochard, looking fine in the water, here's looking forward to the spring

netta rufina
In complete contrast to the last image, the latest photo of the moment reflects the recent weather we have had in the UK. although for the last week its been a tad summery......... Steve Williams has captured this Jay defending its food extremely well, a stunning action shot in difficult lighting

Well done Steve

d1ngy_skipper PRO 6 years ago
Thanks Steve.Its a honour for me, selecting my photograph.Many thanks again
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 6 years ago
been a while and the latest Bird of the Moment goes to Birdtracker aka Mark Medcalf, for his Little Grebe, a photo which shows off its breeding plumage very well, a secretive little bird that will dive at the first sign of encroachment. Love the perspective and detail. A Dutch friend of mine tells me that this bird is known as "Fluffy Bum" in Holland, obviously the Dutch translation.


Little Grebe
I guess my choice this time is one out of desperation, I promised myself a trip to Wales this year to go shoot these but work and weather have not aligned so I may have to admire other peoples shots of this magnificent bird, a super male pied flycatcher and captured by Ian White on a nice perch and a background that really lets the bird stand out
Nice Shot Ian

Pied Flycatcher - Ficedula hypoleuca
What a superb action image for my photo of the moment, the capture of this Osprey grabbing its prey by one talon and the look on the birds face make a stunning image. Congrats to Chris Upson, for a super image

What a great image from Lightskipper (Evan Lipton) lounging around half submerged in water to grab this image of a super Spotted Sandpiper, anyone who goes to this extent to get the image they want sets a great example to us all. I guess we all have similar stories and not sure I want to get submerged in water in the UK without a dry suit lol.
Well done Evan, my "Photo of the Moment"

Spotted Sandpiper (Actitis macularia)
Lightskipper 6 years ago
Thank you very much Steve, it is an honor to be on this page.
My latest choice is a rather nice Common Buzzard, captured in striking light against a very moody sky, the full spread and detail shown makes a very pleasing image and whilst cropped heavily on the bird in this case I think it does it justice. Congrats Tony Llewellyn AKA Musicaltone

Steve Plume (find me at Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 6 years ago
For me there was no surprise as soon as I posted this as my newest PHOTO OF THE MOMENT. Michael Libbe's "Least Tern and Ghost Crab' facing off is one of the most delightful and unusual bird images I've seen for quite some time, the lokk on the Terns face and the stance of the crab make this image a topic of conversation.
Very well done MLibbe
Well, I finally found a Christmas image for the photo of the moment, supplied by Iain Leech a superb winter plumage Ptarmigan in the snow, about as Christmassy as Turkey with all the trimmings.
My last Photo of the Moment for 2012

Happy Christmas one and all and a great bird photography 2013, thanks for all the support over the past 2 years

Ptarmigan Lagopus mutus
Iain Leach PRO 6 years ago
Thanks Steve, appreciated
Sorry all its been a while but its been very busy very busy since Christmas, have too many high quality images to view from the members but my updated photo of the moment is supplied by Isobel a rather handsome looking Long Eared Owl, cracking shot Isobel and thanks for contributing
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