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Say Hi

If you wish to say hi to this very new group please do so, I want to have as much interaction as possible as I don't want member to feel that I run this, good groups work best with open discussion and interaction

All the best and I look forward to those images being posted

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Hi..Best Wishes for the new group..and thanks for the invite. I'm looking forward to viewing all the beautiful birds
Hi and a warm welcome - Steve
Karen van der Zijden 8 years ago
Hi Steve, thanks for the invite. Looking forward to everyone's photos. I'll post some soon. Karen :-)
Hi Karen, great to see you here, look forward to seeing your images posted on this group
Daren Smith 8 years ago
Hi everyone.
Hope we can gain some construtive comments through this group and really have a "pro" group worthy of its title.
Hi Steve,
Thanks for the invite. As a newbie to photography, i am looking forward to everyone's photos. I would like helpful comments from any group members on my photos.
Thanks for the invite Steve and good luck with the new group.
Thanks all, as Daren and Colin have mentioned, let's get some constructive input and helpful comment on this new group
jenny*jones PRO 8 years ago
Thanks for the invite, Steve. Much appreciated.
fretful cherries [deleted] 8 years ago
Thanks to LBooker (Lorraine) for the invite. Look forward to seeing and sharing some quality images. Good luck with the new group Steve.
Ronan.McLaughlin 8 years ago
Thanks very much for the invite Steve and the best of luck with the new group.
once again thanks all
Mawrter PRO 8 years ago
Thank you, Steve, for the invitation! The images here are very high quality and will be an inspiration! Great idea to have a critique thread!
Thanks, it's the members that make the group so please feel free to add images, open new discussions or just enjoy it.
© Ian White 8 years ago
Hi Steve, again thanks for the invite tho I'm not sure I've reached the heights of being a 'semi pro' as yet. Some great photos posted so far and I hope mine are worthy of inclusion.
Norfolk Images PRO 8 years ago
Hi steve thanks for the invite to the group, the real name is Bill Pound and i openened my "Norfolk Images" page when i moved to the lovely County of Norfolk to semi-retire. My previous images can be found under "Recycled Teenager". I now can enjoy my photography full time and produce greetings cards to sell at game fairs and craft fairs etc. Also just added canvas prints to my selection of images to sell. Have recently purchased my dream lens the Canon 500mm f4 but alas just out of hospital after a operation and unable to carry it for 2 months :-(( But then hopefully you will see a lot of new images uploaded
Bill, Ian a warm welcome to this group, I hope to see much more from you
gashuffer PRO 8 years ago
Hi Steve,
Thankyou for the invite. Have enjoyed looking through the high class images on this site and members photostreams. There are some stunning shots and I hope I can add to them.
Sean Browne
A warm welcome Sean, I'm sure you will
Gryllus PRO 8 years ago
Hi Steve
Thanks for the invite, great idea.
Also hi to sean, it's been a long time, your still getting about I see.
Stuart Read
Stuart a very warm welcome to you and looking forward to seeing those photos
Sian Plume PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Sian Plume (member) 8 years ago
Hi I'm Sian
Post more photos soon hopefully.

bhejane1 8 years ago
Hi I'm Claire, looking at the shots in this group I am not sure I'll be up to standard but will "give it my best shot" and any crit harsh or otherwise will be welcome
Claire a warm welcome, this group is all about learning, please feel free to open any discussions on any subject dear to your heart, add images to be critiqued but most of all enjoy.
Phiddy1 PRO 8 years ago
Hi, I'm Phil from Canada, I found myself liking the bird thing very much and I'm looking forward to learning from you all. Thanks so much for the invite :)
Phil a warm welcome to you and I look forward to seeing your images posted here
Dennis Rademaker 8 years ago
Thanks for inviting me to this group!
A real honor!

Kind regards,

Dennis Rademaker
Aaron Gee PRO 8 years ago
Hi Steve and all members, thankyou for the invite to join this group, I have been taking motorsport photo`s for about 12 years now, got into photographing birds about 18 months ago,I wouldn`t class myself as a semi pro,but hopefully my photography is slowly improving!!

Steve Plume (find me at www.ukwildlife.me.uk) Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at www.ukwildlife.me.uk) (admin) 8 years ago
Dennis & Aaron a warm welcome and thanks for adding to this group and its discussions
average move [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi, saw the group and would like to think I have a few decent photos to add but will be looking to learn too.

Thank you.

K_Alinka PRO 8 years ago
Hi everyone!

Thanks for the invite, Steve! I'm not a semi pro by any means. It will be one year anniversary of my first DSLR shot in April :) So It's a real honor for me!
Looking forward to learn from all of you!

A warm welcome Tony and Alina, may be the name is an inspiration to us all....
Carol (Nona) PRO 8 years ago
Hello, Steve, and all! Thanks for the invitation to join this wonderful group. I look forward to seeing the beautiful photos and already see names I know who are members!! Like, Alina above, I am not semi-pro by any means, but totally enjoy watching the antics of the birds and observing their behavior and capturing what I can.

A very warm welcome Carol
rampant river [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi all.

Thanks Steve for the invitation.
My name is John. I have been serius about my photography since 2007 when I had to give up work to look after my wife. I went digital in 2000 with a Nikon D40. I have changed camer's a few times since then and now use a Canon EOS 50D with various lenses. My favourite lens is a Cosina 100-400mm, a cheap lens that cost me £82 but I think it produces some excellent images.
I shoot the odd wedding, party etc. but my first love is wildlife, especially birds.
Really looking forward to seeing the high standard of photography posted in this fantastic group.

Best regards all.
A warm welcome John
rhysmarsh PRO 8 years ago
Hi Steve and Group,

I have been an amateur birder and photography enthusiast since I was a kid. While the former is cheap, I was only able to get the lenses needed for avian photography in the last few years :) I am also developing an iPhone application for birdwatching because I don't think that there are any good apps out there right now for keeping track of and building your life list in the field. If you are interested, please feel free to visit my website at fireflymware.com/ if you would like to know when it becomes available. Steve - sorry I don't mean to SPAM your wonderful new group but as this app is built based on my passion for birdwatching, I wanted to share my passion with this dedicated bird-loving community that you have built. Thanks, and happy birding!

Rhys, welcome and no problem re the software push, happy to support.
scintillating school [deleted] 8 years ago
hi, all -- found this group via Ashok. looking forward to seeing what everyone is taking....
deepankar_das Posted 8 years ago. Edited by deepankar_das (member) 8 years ago
Steve, Thanks for the invitation! I am into wildlife photography. Good to see the high quality pics posted in this group.
Oric1 PRO 8 years ago
Hi from France...
Chuqui, Deepanker_Das & Oric1 a warm welcome to the group
Réjôme 8 years ago
Hi! Thanks for inviting me! I'll be glad to post some picture of the birds form Sulawesi.
Hi Rejome, a warm welcome and post away
Joachim Alljes 8 years ago
Hi Steve and all ,

im Achim from Germany.

Thank you for the invite !

Best wishes =)
Achim a warm welcome and look forward to seeing the images you post
Joachim Alljes 8 years ago
Thank you Steve !
spiderhunters PRO 8 years ago
Hi Steve,

I heard about the group from Ashok Khosla. Always glad to have a place to share and view high quality bird pics and learn from others.
I shoot where I bird - California, India, Neotropics.

Vivek Tiwari (spiderhunters).
OneShotww 8 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I'm more of a photographer than I am a birder.

I was "forced" to buy a Peterson field guide as I kept getting inquires on the birdies' IDs. Now I have to admit that I love photoing them - especially in action and in breeding season.

Nice to meet you all.
Vivek & OneShotww a warm welcome to you both
Pat Ulrich PRO 8 years ago
Thanks for starting up this group, Steve -- and for inviting me to it! the quality of the images in the pool is great.

As for an introduction, most of my shots are from Northern California -- and my I love getting out early in the day and chasing shorebirds.
Welcome Pat, I look forward to you submitting those excellent shots I know you take
winnu 8 years ago
Hi Steve, a big hello from Vancouver Canada
We must all be quite insane.......spending tons of cash and crawling around in the dirt just to get that better shot, but it is a wonderful insanity!!
Looks like a great group with some amazing talent.
Nigel welcome and great images you post, keeps us all sane......
cloningerjim 8 years ago
Thanks for the invite. Glad to see a new group. Jim
Welcome Jim glad to have you aboard
ahh 2 from Vancouver, looking at your images you have some great opportunities in your neck of the woods......
smiling route [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi all Christos here from Nottingham UK. Stumbled across this group via a contact.

Spring time is here and summer is on the way so plenty of birds to photograph hopefully
Welcome Christos, look forward to you posting the images
ParanoidX 8 years ago
Xin Chào from Vietnam,

Joining this group making me so happy.

I am living in Vietnam, this group is so fun and lot of amazing members, looking forward to see more interesting photos.

At the place where I usually taken bird photo called Nam Cat Tien national park, now (April) is spring and breading season. The June and October is another good season for photographing some interesting species also.
Xin Chào, khong co chi (I hope that is correct) very pleased you have joined and keep posting those great images
Izabella U PRO 8 years ago
Hello Steve and all bird lovers,
My new hobby is photography and I found birds to be my favorite subjects. I just fell in love with this pool and am honored to have my pictures posted here.
Happy shooting!
Izabella, it is we who are honoured to have you post you images here.
Thanks for contributing and a very warm welcome
peckhamryecrow PRO 8 years ago
Hi Steve, many thanks for the invite. Have been enjoying you recent photos of Red Kites. I look forward to enjoying everyone's photos. Tim
Hi Tim, glad you joined and look forward to seeing more of your work
mari_ca 8 years ago
Hi Steve!

Thanks for accepting me into your group!
I have been enjoying great photos in this group.
I live in California and yes, it's a wild bird paradise!

Hi a warm welcome to you, its been a few years since I was in California so remind me what its like by posting those images
Hi - I'm Jonathan and thanks for letting me into the group. I live in Earlston in the Scottish Borders, have been a birdwatcher for 50 years and lucky enough to have worked for the RSPB for 29 of them !

I have a particular fondness for islands and I'm on the Management Committee of the Isle of May Bird Observatory which I first visited in 1966. I have also led many birdwatching trips to Majorca and Crete.

Always been keen on photography but only really started getting into digital a couple of years ago. With retirement on the horizon, I'd like to spend more time at it and be able to upgrade my current equipment.

I'm also an admin for a couple of other Flickr groups.

Look forward to both contributing and enjoying other peoples' efforts.
Jonathan, you're very welcome and look forward to seeing your images posted here
successful recess [deleted] 8 years ago
Hello, Steve.

I'm Jacqui, living and shooting around Nottingham in the UK. I'm retired from gainful employment now which gives me lots of time to watch birds and photograph them.

Good luck with the group, looks like it's off to a flying start!
Jacqui, oh how I wish my day job didn't interfere with my hobby, lucky you. A warm welcome and enjoy the group
rogerfscott 8 years ago
Hello Steve,

Thanks for the invite and for all the admin.. I like the title of your group.:D Hope to post many birds from Southern and Central Africa.
Welcome Roger, post away and looking forward to seeing them
Stuart Carlton PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Stuart Carlton (member) 8 years ago
Hi Steve
Thanks for the invitation to join the group Another birder/photographer from the Nottingham area also retired. Some great photos in this group, I hope to live up to the standard!
your welcome Stuart, post away
Cath Scott PRO 8 years ago
Hi Steve and everyone in the group,

I'm Cath from Glasgow. Wildlife photography is my main interest, but I have recently joined a camera club and been encouraged to take photos of everythiing. I'm quite new to photography so find that the practice helps. I think that it is great to get out and about to watch wildlife, and a good photo is a very welcome bonus!!! Here's hoppig the practice helps.
heather eeles PRO 8 years ago
Hi Steve and everyone, thanks for inviting me. I don't have very much time to get out and about with my camera but off on holiday soon..... Can't wait.
The group is going from strength to strength Steve.
Cath & Heather sorry for the late reply, I've been out photographing Dartford Warblers today.
A warm welcome to the group and I look forward to seeing those great images.
I'm Steve and relatively new to bird photography, I was bitten by the bug last Nov. I enjoy the challenge of getting close enough to my quarry to get the shot.
Sprigo a warm welcome, enjoy the challenges and I look forward to seeing those results posted here
David Wheatley PRO 8 years ago

Just joined the group, and will post a couple of images soon. Am looking for some constructive feedback!

Welcome David, please feel free to submit an image in the critique thread to see if you cant get any takers
Martin P Perry 8 years ago
hello and cheers for adding me to the group. I love taking shots of birds in flight and good to see a group with so many top class pics. Best wishes.
Martin its kind of you to say so and a warm welcome to the group
tony.house61 PRO 8 years ago
Hi Steve,
thanks for the invitation to the group, hope I can make a decent contribution...

Tony a warm welcome to the group, I hope you enjoy posting here
Dancetweety 8 years ago
Hi Steve,

This is a nice group I seen a lot of great photo's here.
Dancetweety welcome and enjoy
Chris Illman PRO 8 years ago
Hi Steve & everyone - great to be part of this group. So much excellent material to encourage us all, should be a hoot!
Chris a warm welcome to the group and look forward to seeing your images
Steve, thanks so much for accepting my invite. This site is ausome. Thanks again.
Thanks for joining and looking forward to seeing those images
sable trend [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi Steve and everyone else. Some great pics in the group and hopefully I can contribute to what is already a high standard. I will be brave and contribute a pic straight away. Feedback is always welcome.
A warm welcome Peter, please feel free to add an image to the fav bird thread.
ceaseless letter [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi Steve, thanks for the invite. Hopefully I can match the high standards :)
Glenn a warm welcome to the group, enjoy the excellent images the members post
Thanks for the invite! I'm in SE Texas in the US - Andy
Thanks for your Invite To Join your Group. This is a new hobby to me
and I will Appreciate all advice and help I my Receive.
Regards Andy.
Andy's welcome and enjoy posting
carolineCCB 8 years ago
Hello :) Looking forward to learning and developing with some help and inspiration from this group.
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