Something Cheeky 7:39am, 13 March 2010
So I realize that most people have already completed their quilts...but I wanted to share my breakthrough moment...since I learned so much making this quilt!

During the actual "quilting" I was having so much trouble with the motion and not having enough space to move the quilt around on the right side, since the machine would always get in the way and "stop" my motion, resulting in weird I made my own "ghetto" long arm machine by turning my machine 90 degrees counter clockwise. Haza! This made quilting SO MUCH easier since I could grab both sides of the quilt and move my arms as much as I needed to! I just finished making a different quilt with this technique and my quilting looks so much tighter and has much smoother curves. Hooray! I now do not dread this part so much!

Thanks again for posting such great've brought out the quilter in me!
gomarquette 8 years ago
This is a good idea! I wouldn't have thought of it, either!
knitalife Posted 8 years ago. Edited by knitalife (member) 8 years ago
Did you hear that? It was the sound of my hand smacking my forehead! SomethingCheeky you are a genius! I believe that small move would've made a huge difference on my free motion experience. Thanks for thinking out of the box. I am definitely going to try that with my next quilt.
aPlayOnNature 8 years ago
Boy, what a terrific idea. I'm going to try this. Thank you for posting this.
Hippie_Hamper 8 years ago
YES! Thank you for posting this. I just finished another quilt for a baby shower gift yesterday. I need to get crackin on another quilt just to try this! haha
ItsQuietNow 8 years ago
I've never heard that tip; great idea! I'll try it out next time.
what a great idea! i will definitely try it out on my next quilt!
Crafty Tracey 8 years ago
What a great idea! I'm not done quilting mine yet so I'm going to try it. Seems so obvious now! Thanks for the tip.
readwater 8 years ago
Brilliant idea!! :) I actually have a table that I can do that with for quick projects.. Thanks for the idea. :)
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