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<b>This is EXCELLENT and was seen in:<b>
<a href=""><b><u>°Art For Bosnia° -Artist Exhibition- *DIANE POWERS*</u></b></a>

This is EXCELLENT and was seen in:
°Art For Bosnia° -Artist Exhibition- *DIANE POWERS*
d i a n e p o w e r s Posted 8 years ago. Edited by E Dina PhotoArt (admin) 4 years ago
Aaron Siskind once wrote, "Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything."

I suppose in many ways photography to me has become a way of perceiving those fragments that elude me with words.
There are passions that can't be any less contained than water in a stone which ultimately finds the crack to release in ways of crashing discontent or low slow seepage.

contention toward stones
contention toward stones

I've always been a lover of light, for as long as I can remember. That fleeting illumination that lies just beyond our grasp. Given the opportunity to make images it's the bending and flirting with light that moves my soul when uncovering a feeling I possess at the time.

The Stream's Secret
The Stream's Secret


I find myself witnessing my own emotions of loss a story that continues to be retold no matter how speculative... These themes haunt me a great deal. However, I'm attracted to the transcendences of symbolism and clues which lead the viewer to their own conclusions based on their experiences of life.

without the shy report
without the shy report

Mother, what will happen when I forget? Will I feel anything? Her expression uncovers the inner child in me. This piece has revealed many interpretations which I love. There is the nurturing side of people who want to take her in their arms and tell her to stop her pain. For me it represents a struggle. Thinking of Siskind's quote yes, photography can capture a moment long after you've forgotten everything however, it's forever been my fear to forget. Without the pain will I feel enough to create?

Mother, what will happen when I forget?  Will I feel anything?
Mother, what will happen when I forget? Will I feel anything?
E Dina PhotoArt 8 years ago
Thank you dear Diane for your amazing and mind touching images.
It is wonderful to see with how much heart you are photographing and trying to capture special moments of life.
Thank you Edina and thank you for this gift you've given me of introspection and recognition it's touched me very much!
@petra 8 years ago
A lovely collection of images.
Congratulations, Diane, on a very special work.
And compliments to you E. Dina, for this great exhibition!
I really enjoyed. Thank you Diane!
v.sassy .. Posted 8 years ago. Edited by v.sassy .. (member) 8 years ago
very powerful and evocative images ...
I love the siskind quote but was especially moved by your own powerful words ...
witnessing my own emotions of loss a story that continues to be retold.
congratulations diane, this is an extraordinary exhibit.
Reddy E. Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Reddy E. (admin) 8 years ago
yes, your work exudes emotions... and i think we
all recognize them well... stunning pieces...coming over
to your stream now :)
E Dina PhotoArt 6 years ago
Tunguska RdM 4 years ago
For me it's always a great joy and a great honor to have the chance to admire the photos of Mrs. Powers. And for me, since my early steps by "photographer", her pictures have always been true inspiration. Their depth and their emotional intensity, were and are a guiding star I've always tried to have in front of my eyes, as a great example of artistic form. As an example to which tend to improve my technique and my style.

But the beauty of the photos of Mrs. Powers is in that dimension, in that ingredient, which still eludes me, and I am still not able to fully catch or understand. The same way in which we try to understand a suggestion or a feeling.

A memento lost in time and in the heart.
A memory shaped by the actual and desire.
Images and feelings filtered from the unconscious.
Starting from the unconscious and then turn into dreamlike visions.
And, from the dream dimension, finally they condense into an image, dipped in an abstract and rarefied atmosphere.
And it is as if you had a vision of the soul of Mrs. Powers.
But only that part in which Mrs. Powers allows you to have access.
Tunguska RdM:

This brings tears to my eyes.. and now I can hardly speak.
Thank you dear one for your truly thoughtful and articulate visit it means the world to me and coming from such a brilliant artist even more... <3
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