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filminthefridge 8:47pm, 3 December 2009
I have a selection of fabric scraps (a photo of the scraps is in the pool, and also on my blog) to give away to someone who comments in this discussion. Please leave a comment introducing yourself! I'll pick a winner on Monday.
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productive office [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by productive office (member) 9 years ago
Count me in! I am Pam and I've been quilting for a year although I have sewn clothes and home decor items most of my life. I have learned a great deal by reading your blogs and studying your quilts. I'm happy to share the tute I learned how to make the bento box quilt with others - its easy to follow, the pictures are wonderful and its a lot of fun to create with!
ollie.kate 9 years ago
Fun new flickr group! I am Liz and have been sewing for a long time but recently began quilting and I am hooked. I used your tutorial on the string quilt to make a large pillow. Thanks for the help. It was really fun and came together nicely. I look forward to trying more. Your blog inspires me every time I pop by.
MeganAnneW 9 years ago
Fun stuff! I've totally started quilting because I've been inspired by your great quilts. Still have yet to finish my first one, but... some day soon I will. Keep the inspiration coming!
gwyneth.white 9 years ago
so glad i found this! thanks for offering!
Annjan 9 years ago
I love to check in on you blog just to see your quilts and wonderful fabrics. I would love a tutorial on the zig zag quilt, please please please. Happy Stitching
Texaswonder 9 years ago
Love it! I just started quilting, and love having this as a resource to learn. Thank you-Ellen
seventeenandem 9 years ago
Oh, the zig zag quilt tutorial is a marvelous idea! And THEN I would have something to contribute to this group! Thanks for the giveaway!
artistdoris 9 years ago
I really want to make a string quilt like your's...love the block posted by OllieKate up there!
I am so excited that you started a group! I just hope that you will post your own pictures here too!
liveacolorfullife PRO 9 years ago
Your quilts amaze and inspire me. And thanks for the starting the flickr group!
jenniferworthen PRO 9 years ago
Woohoo! I love all of your quilts and am so jealous of how fast you make them!
kaiolohiakids 9 years ago
Hi-I'm not totally new to quilting, but it's been a loooooong time. I'm just getting started again mainly because of the beautiful quilts & excellent tutorials on your blog! Love them all & thank you!
Johanna {Jona&Lili} 9 years ago
Thank you for starting this group! I am sooo excited!!
I will soon post pictures of the string quilt I made with your great tutorial.
periodic basketball [deleted] 9 years ago
So glad you started a group!!!! I'll post my favorite quilt ever - that you made and I bought - he he! Then on to use your tutorial in the new year for my flea market fancy quilt :)

Oh yeah, about me - well I've been quilting for 10 plus years but am thrilled and excited to see all the new inspiration and perspectives that quilt designers like you have.
Miss-Print Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Miss-Print (member) 9 years ago
Oh yes please - I could always use scraps! I have been so inspired by your work and you can be sure that I'll post here once I have something to show. I'm thinking a string quilt might be next on the list!

My name is Kaye, and I've been a follower of your blog for a a few months (I've even commented a few times). I'm currently in the first year of getting my MI (Master of Information) to become a librarian. I love sewing, quilting, reading, and I'm teeny-bit of a fabric hoarder! I also have a blog where I share a little bit about my life and the projects I'm working on (miss-print.blogspot.com)
SiemTeam 9 years ago
Thanks for all the great tips and ideas!
kmdegroot 9 years ago
I'm totally inspired by your fun log cabins-- still hoping for a tutorial!

This should be an interesting group to keep tabs on!
Quiet Here 9 years ago
I love, love, love your take on quilting. Your projects inspire me to work harder on my crafts.
Betsy Childs 9 years ago
Your quilts inspired me to make my first quilt last January, and they keep on inspiring me!
CarlyJoy 9 years ago
So glad you started this group! Flickr is awesome and your quilts are FABULOUS! I love this one: www.filminthefridge.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/ds-qui... -- (the greenish yellow with the circles) and would love more info on how to make this kind of quilt!
Fresh Lemons : Faith 9 years ago
I love your blog and your quilts are just beautiful. I just bought the animal fabric from your latest - I have a friend that is pregnant and I'm hoping it's a girl because I think a small version of it would be perfect for her! Anyway, you should make a book of your photos and I'll totally buy one. :-P
awake space [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi there! Hurray for another giveaway! lol :) I posted a topic about my quilt that I've added to the group here. Looking forward to seeing all that "stuff" that people have made inspired by your lovely blog! :)
filminthefridge 9 years ago
Thanks! I wanted to clarify - the photo you linked to is a photo I took while I was at Denyse Schmidt's studio sale - those quilts are her quilts that she had for sale. The one you're talking about is the Single Girl pattern, which can be purchased on her site - dsquilts.com
rainylakechick 9 years ago
Diva Quilts is right... Your blog is lovely!

Hope I win.... :)
knotty offer [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi - I am Penny from Florida and have visited your blog often and written a few times. I am a retiree who quilts just for fun. I tend to make quilts for my daughter's friends babies. I have made a few charity quilts and I am finishing up my 23rd quilt. The quilt probably should have been the easiest, but it has turned into a production. It is made from 20+ t shirts from my daughter and SIL"s college year t shirts and is queen sized. I made the mistake of outline quilting all the logos. I would love to win your giveaway, The scrap fabrics are fantastic
Midnight Hysteria 9 years ago
love your scraps ... i mostly sew children's clothing and bags, but i feel the quilting bug biting me ... would love to win the scraps for a good head start ...
nadotornado 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Debra from MN and you've inspired me over the last year in which I started quilting. I used one of your quilt as inspiration for mine so I'll have to put it in here. Great giveaway!
refibered 9 years ago
Thanks for the giveaway!

I'm Kelly, from Nebraska. Have been quilting about three years, stopped for a bit in there to make clothes for the cutest little redheaded girl in the world! lol Have been re-inspired by your beautiful blog and wonderful quilts.
give.it.a.go 9 years ago
Hi! I'm Jessica from Chicagoland and have been visiting your blog for quite a while. I'm the proud owner of the modified bento box tutorial blocks...slated to become a pillow once the holiday crafting is wrapped up.

Would love this scrap bag! You always have the coolest fabrics!
I'm Ruth, I've been quilting for about a year, and my favorite quilt is "a sprinkling of far far away half hexagons." Eventually I am definitely going to do a quilt myself that features a lot of plum colored background fabric. :)
Ningiu 9 years ago
Your quilts are so gorgeous, great idea with this group!
baileygirl_5 9 years ago
Hello! I'm Molly from New York and I'm a beginning quilter. I made my first real quilt this June and am working on my fourth now. I love your blog and the inspiration it inspires in me (hmmmm..... that didn't sound right!). I hope to add some quilts to this site real soon!
adbrendar 9 years ago
Hi there! I'm Brenda from Cambridge, MA. I religiously visit your blog. I am a beginner quilter and am quickly becoming addicted. I hope to add some photos of projects up here soon. Thanks for the inspiration!
Sew Peachey 9 years ago
I have been following your blog for awhile now & am so inspired by your wonderful works of fabric!
oliphia PRO 9 years ago
inspiring! i'm taking a break from my first large quilt and this makes me ready to keep going. thanks!
Always Sewing 9 years ago
I have been following your blog, and it has helped me get out of that traditional box. I love the new modern quilts, but it is hard to do without some inspiration. Your blog has been great for that. I look forward to your posts.
Maggie and Josephine 9 years ago
I know this is repetitive, but I have learned so much by reading your blog. I only started quilting a year and a half ago, and I have found so much inspiration and quidance by reading your stories. I credit you for the realization that I didn't need a pattern. Thank you.
mrssorrells2009 9 years ago
hi ashley....i am so glad you started this. by having this blog, YOUR IDEAS that have inspired so many, from beginners to seasoned quilters can multiply and give more inspiration. it is hard to keep to a project....especially a quilt. i know i have followed you since you started with clothes while i was struggling with clothes. now i am quilting but have yet to do a fun one. i fully intend to do that...after christmas...starting with a quilt you helped me with by giving me the information i needed.
thank ashley.
kldemare 9 years ago
This is great, Ashley! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. You're such an inspiration!

imaginethatdesign 9 years ago
I am so amazed at how many quilts you crank out - each one is so unique in its own way - a story behind them all. As far as a tutorial, how about a patchwork or quilted sewing machine cover. I would love to make a pretty one since my machine is sitting out - it would be better than the drab gray one that came with it ;)

Thanks for the opp to win!

catherine s.
scifimama 9 years ago
this flickr group is a great idea, I can't wait to see what others do with your ideas! Your blog is always a great inspiration. thanks for the giveaway chance!
Nancy G. Lee 9 years ago
I really want to make some of those geometric quilts or a string quilt or maybe some yoyo's....no wait I don't like yoyo's...so maybe something else....
quiltamomma 9 years ago
I've been subscribed to your blog for a couple of years and love it! I think it's a great idea to start a flikr group for us to share projects inspired by you!
Knitty Nikki 9 years ago
Hey! Giveaways on blogs and flickr - too fun!
I am Nikki. You put my happy squares quilt in your group already! I was soo proud I rushed home and told my husband about it! :) Your quilts are soo lovely and inspiring! Thanks for having a giveaway and for starting the group. It will be fun to see what other people make from you quilts!
Come visit at my blog sometime!
jesljoh1 9 years ago
I started reading your blog last winter and it inspired me to start quilting again. I just hadn't seen modern quilting before. Thanks for the blog! I'm adding my coin quilt. I used a lot of white, something I hadn't seen until reading your blog.
Love the idea of a group for quilts you've inspired! I'm working on a string quilt, but I'm only about 14 blocks in... only 42 to go! I enjoy your blog. Thanks!
South City Studio 9 years ago
I'm new to quilting and finding your space very inspiring! :) Thanks for running the giveaway too!
Better Off Thread 9 years ago
Thanks for starting a Flickr group. I love your quilts! I am working on a string quilt using your tutorial. I have about half the blocks done, and I worked on it right up until the day I had my baby, but now it is on hold for a bit! I am really excited to work on it again.
slsattler 9 years ago
I, too, am new to 'modern quilting' and recently found your blog. I've been inspired many times over by you! Thank you!
goddessinprogress 9 years ago
Love the new group! I love your quilts, so it's super fun to see others that are inspired by them. I definitely have the bento tutorial on my list! :-)
neetermo 9 years ago
I would love to be included in your give away, thanks!
BusyQuiltMom 9 years ago
Hello, I'm Alisa, wife to 1, mom to 5. I enjoy your blog, Ashley and look forward to seeing the photos in this group. I blog, together with my sister at makingmorewithless.blogspot.com/ .
Kindred Crafters PRO 9 years ago
Hey there,
I have been sewing (and therefore quilting, since that's all I do!) for a little over a year so I'm pretty new to this whole world. I really enjoy reading blogs (and have one, with my pal Sara) and find it a great way to get inspired. I LOVED your kaleidoscope quilt and had to try my hand at one (I added the photo of the top to the pool) but had mixed success (due to my inexperience and my trying to cut corners, nothing to do with your tut!) and I hope to finish it off in the New Year. I think a group of your projects is a great idea . .revel in all the inspiring you've done!

_ Donna
brown paper packages 9 years ago
Yay! Yay! Yay! I LOVE it! You are such an inspiration! My hope is to someday be able to make improv quilts as fabulous as yours! Keep up the great work!
badlandsquilts PRO 9 years ago
Great idea... I so love those string quilt pillows you made... after Christmas they are the first thing on my list!
Thats Sew Mandy 9 years ago
Hello, I'm Mandy... well I'm sure you can figure out my "real" name lol!

I've been blogging for years but just started quilting in June 2009! I have only made baby quilts and a few placemats... and a mini and a friendship bag (well 4 actually).

But, I'm bit by the bug and so now I'm here to stay!

You can visit me at thatssewmandy.blogspot.com

I'd love to have you all drop by!
amyehodge 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Amy from California. I've made napkins and beach bags from your tutorials recently. I'll add some photos, and thanks for the giveaway!
klni1970 PRO 9 years ago
I really enjoy reading your blog. Even though I may not have made anything yet, just as important it gets me thinking about future projects and all that it brings. There is nothing like a bit of quilt candy for the eyes.
kimlo1 9 years ago
Liking it. Have made 3 Modified Bentos- love playing with colors. I even painted some of my own fabric for the center squares. Always looking to replenish my stash.
yarn_junkie 9 years ago
Hi I'm Amber. I've been sewing for less than a year. Your blog has provided me with a lot of inspiration and I made a string quilt from your tutorial :) I honestly wasn't interested in quilting until I found your blog... love the modern quilt aesthetic.

thank you!
marci_jo 9 years ago
I love to look at your quilts on your blog. It will be great to see what other people are creating inspired by you.
willandmaggie 9 years ago
Hi! I can't wait to see all of the inspiration that will surely pop up all over this group. I love your blog & can't believe how incredibly prolific & fast you are! I love anything patchwork, so thanks for the chance to win! - Susan
ryden1172 9 years ago
Hello! Wow I just love your crafts! Heard about the giveaway on your blog - count me in! =)
LHMCardsandGifts 9 years ago
Hi, I am new to this group. But I have watched your blog for several months. I am a crafter that goes back and forth between fabric and paper crafts. I hope to in 2010 do more quilting. I am inspired by your quilts. They are so cute and unique. Not the same old designs that I have seen for years. I am an empty nester looking to make quilts for charity. Thanks for the chance to win such cute fabric.
meg_kay77 9 years ago
So generous Ashley, I would love to get my hands on some of those "scraps", or treasures if you ask me! I love reading your blog and look forward to whatever you have been up to. I used one of your tutorials for my first ever attempt at a quilt (be it a doll quilt), and I was so happy with how it turned out, I am going to add it to this group. Thanks again and I think it is great that you have started this flickr group!
Paisley Crazy Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Paisley Crazy (member) 9 years ago
Your 'scraps' are beautiful! Maybe they hold some of your quilting mojo and would motivate me :D So many great projects in your Flickr gallery already. I've been following your blog for awhile now and just love to see your new creations.
skinnychiquita sews 9 years ago
what a great giveaway!!!
i have really enjoyed reading your blog! once i complete sewing up all my christmas gifts i plan to use your string quilt block tutorial and also finish the momo wonderland baby quilt i started after being inspired by the ones you do ( looove the collection and wanted something with a sampling of it all).
yarntini 9 years ago
Love this group! Although I haven't been able to do much sewing lately, you've been a huge inspiration for ideas, Ashley. Thank you!
Kate Dean 9 years ago
I love love love your blog, and all the quilts you make! You have such an eye for colors and patterns - just about every quilt you make inspires me to try one myself! Right now I'm in the process of piecing together blocks for a string quilt. It's slow going, because I'm in graduate school and busy with classes and student teaching, but it serves as my 'guilty little pleasure' and helps keep me sane. So thanks for that!!! Keep up the amazing work - we all appreciate it!
MINDY477 9 years ago
First of all you are so amazing and such an inspiration! Thank you for all you do, you make this stay at home mom very busy with all your fun ideas. I would love to know how you go about making quilts like the animal sherbert quilt. So beautiful!!!
peonybliss 9 years ago
Hi! I'm Nicole and I've been reading your blog for about half a year. I always find inspiration from you. I have a quilt that I haven't photographed yet that I quilted in a similar way to one of yours. I'll be posting it soon!
indigolimeblog 9 years ago
I love reading your blog and I can't imagine what your full stash must look like.
ZanieZoo 9 years ago
Love your blog. I love seeing what you'll come up with next. Your quilts are always so gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!
createdbychancy 9 years ago
Hi I'm Chancy and I recently found your blog and started following it. I love your work and definitely want to do some projects inspired by your work. I also love the fabrics you work with so thanks for the giveaway!
AndiCooks 9 years ago
Love your blog and I can't wait to see all the Ashley inspired quilts out there. I know your quilts have inspired my quilting since I found your blog! I have a very simple tutorial suggestion, squaring up large(r) quilts, or any quilt for that matter. I always struggle with this step.
Linzer Torte 9 years ago
Your blog had been the inspiration for the last three quilts I have made - 2 zig zag baby quilts for my sister who is expecting twins and a modified Bento box I am just finishing. I will have to post pictures after the holidays as I have made them for gifts.
oh-cherry-sew 9 years ago
I guess the thing I like the most about the quilts you make is your use of solid fabrics. I don't use much of it (except LOTS of white) but it is definitely always in my head on how I can incorporate more interesting solid colours into what I make. BTW- I adore the Munki Munki quilts you have made- it made me go out and buy a coupld of pieces of Munki fabric for fun!

Thanks for creating this group and hosting this lovely giveaway. Is it weird reading these posts with us saying how you've inspired us?

tingtongandthings 9 years ago
Love your scraps, they are beautiful! And I love your blog! I have been checking it almost daily for a couple of months and all your quilts are so beautiful and the pictures are so inspiring! I'm relatively new to sewing and quilting having started teaching myself in August of this year, but I'm loving it! Thank you for the inspiration and the giveaway =)
Milasue 9 years ago
I love your quilts! I was not interested in quilting at all, until I saw your gorgeous creations and was led into the world of modern quilters and now it is my New Years resolution to make a quilt!
hillscreekquilter 9 years ago
Sounds wonderful! I love your quilts, so your scraps will be very welcome in my home. I just finished a quilt using your quartered squares/modified bento box tutorial and will be blogging about it tomorrow. I'll send you the link when it's up. Thanks so much for providing such eye candy and for sharing your techniques!
ladmquilter 9 years ago
Thanks for a great giveaway I am working on a green, white and black string quilt like you did I absolutely love it I have been following you for a while and love everything you do. I am planning on doing a munki martian quilt for my grandson. Yours was great. Love yours scraps they are beautiful. Thanks for all the inspiration your provide.
photosofalili 9 years ago

I'm brand new to the quilting/sewing world, having just bought my first sewing machine a few months ago. I've been crocheting for a few years, and am so excited to be learning a new craft! Your string quilt cushions provided inspiration for my first project, and I've been happily making them up for Christmas presents, using a combination of new fabric and vintage sheets/pillowcases that I've liberated from my mum's linen cupboard.

So thanks for the inspiration!
WOW, it took me so long to sign on - I can't ever remember my flickr/yahoo id/password..... I love this idea - only now there is yet another place for my time to evaporate as I oogle at all the creative loveliness out there!! Your blog is so inspirational as I know you haven't been quilting for all that long. I have only done 1 quilt - this summer with Old Red Barn - very fun. I'm planning some smaller things when things slow down here with my life. I love these fresh modern quilts and when I see them I get all jumpy inside - they are so great!!!
bettycrockerass 9 years ago
Almost all of my favs are yours.
I get so much inspiration from what you have made and am in awe of what you can get done in just a week!

I've mad a few that I will post here, but the one that I've yet to make but will be doing soon is your purple hex. My husband actually saw it and said: MAKE THAT ONE!
laurabelles 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Laura from Pittsburgh. I taught myself to quilt and can't stop myself from visiting your site for inspiration. Love the scraps!
Oh, how sweet! 9 years ago
Hi Ashley - Melissa here :) Thanks for all the inspiration (and the tremendous help in finding quilting bees!!)


Have a great one!
youngkristyn 9 years ago
Hi Ashley,
I am a new reader to your blog and I am so entertained by it. You are so very talented and I admire your eye for colors. Wow! Your quilts are just beautiful, bright and very energetic. You can tell that a lot of time, energy and love went into each and every one of them. I check your blog daily now, as your quilts are inspirational!
sarahkubinski 9 years ago
What a great idea to share quilts you have inspired! Your blog is already my #1, so the flickr group will definitely get added to the mix, too. I'm Sarah, by the way. I've been following you for awhile. My goal is to be able to cut fabric as freely as you do. I'm currently hoarding, but perhaps you can offer some advice on making that first cut :-)
fleuriegirl 9 years ago
Hi I am Laurie from California, back into quilting after twenty years of intermittant looking for a pattern to inspire me.
Well, your Kaleidescope string quilt did it! Actually I think almost any of your quilts would have done the trick for me, except that I have many years of scraps to use, and that was the perfect use for them. Your color choices are unique and wonderful. You truly have a gift. Thanks for starting up this flickr page so we can share!
woolcat21 9 years ago
Ooh, pretty pictures already! If I win your scraps I promise not to drool on them too much :)
julesofalltrades 9 years ago
i'm a newbie quilter, but your string quilt tutorial is high on my list of to-dos. some scraps would be perfect!
My Little Peas 9 years ago
Hello! I'm Liz from Minnesota. I took a quilting class in nursing school (I know, quilting in nursing school!), made a little sample quilt, then somehow managed a queen sized quilt as a gift for a friends wedding. After that I put my sewing machine away for 5 years. I've been back for a little over a year and LOVE it! I had been busy making curtains, and totes, a quilt for my mom for Christmas, and FINALLY a quilt just for me. The top is done, it's lovely Wonderland fabric by Momo. Your scraps look adorable!
juliejaz 9 years ago
Hi I'm Julie and I'm addicted to checking your blog every night and sometimes every morning (sounds kind of stalkerish). I love your blog and your quilts. I just finished the binding on a string quilt (using your tutorial). I plan on making another one soon.
bananaphone / Robin PRO 9 years ago
hi! i love reading your blog and your quilts are a great inspiration for me... i particularly love the munki martian quilt and the echino quilts. i look forward to seeing what others post in this group.
thanks for the nice giveaway!
Sew Fabulous Fabric 9 years ago
Hi! I'm Stephanie from Missouri. I am a mom of five that has been selling one of kind children's clothing for several years and I am just starting to learn to quilt. I have my first quilt top (a baby quilt) finished and I'm excited (and also a little scared) to quilt it. I'm still practicing on my little quilt sandwiches. :0)

I have been watching your blog for several months and I just love how you challenge my creativity! And I LOVE those fabric scraps! :0)
skovy 9 years ago
I'm Kris, a grad student living in upstate New York and I would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!
iluvkyoto 9 years ago
HI--I am a quilting newbie and love everything about your work--really--you are amazing! I would love to win some scraps... gretchen in kyoto
Madelidou 9 years ago
Hi! Please count me in! I love your blog and your quilt! :)
Happy holidays!
Merry Made Quilts 9 years ago
Hi! I'm sooo very new to quilting and am very excited to try out some of your quilts. I've become addicted to your blog and am very excited to see what others have been doing too! I'm going to try the string quilt that I've falled in love with from your site! So exciting!
ChandraD 9 years ago
Hi! I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and I have enjoyed following along. :) I love your quilts and they inspire me. I'm working on building my stash and would love some scraps.
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