poppytalk 8:17pm, 2 March 2010
Looking forward to seeing everyone's pinks for Monday! You can start to upload your pinks now and we'll have some great ones to choose for monday's post! Then wait till monday night (say after 6pm) to start uploading the next colour for the next day and so on and so on!
poppytalk 7 years ago
pinks ?- any pinks!
Lit Photography [deleted] 7 years ago
spring hasn't sprung here yet, BUT I'm having fun trying!! Thanks for the focus :)
gwen 7 years ago
My blog post is here, thanks for coordinating this :]
aimeeclaire 7 years ago
Hello! I'm in Perth, Australia - what time should I start uploading photos for the next day?! :) Thanks ;)
Future Heirloom Designs Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Future Heirloom Designs (member) 7 years ago
magic markings art 7 years ago
Wow - there are some really lovely pink hues listed for Monday's blog. Loving all the beautiful spring flowers!
poppytalk 7 years ago
Please post next day's colour after 6pm PacificTime
Pacific Standard Time (PST) = GMT-8

Thank you!
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