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Mysteries of Explore rosiespoonerphotosPRO 2 fotophriendlyPRO 6 years ago

Group Description

Everyone who has looked at the explore 500 with any sort of frequency can attest to the fact that there are dozens and some days hundreds of photos that you look at and scratch your head wondering, "how did that explore and mine didn't?" You know the ones im talking about, a pair of sunglasses (days in a row) an out of focus glass, any danbo shot, and oh yea.....BLACKBERRIES..lots and lots of blackberries.

Now, im not saying i know everything, but i DO know that every day i see dozens of photos that are 10x better then 90% of the photos that explore.

This group is dedicated to finding those TRUE gems that fall through the cracks and for whatever reason should have been recognized but were not.

This is an invite only group, if you feel you have a photo of this quality we encourage you to submit it, but we will be trolling hard to find those gems as well. For everyone else i hope you bookmark this page and come view the photos that do make the cut, as we endeavor to make this a top quality group.

Group Rules

UPDATE. IN order to ensure the quality of images in this group we are moving to a ONE (1) post per day limit that will be moderated. Hopefully everyone understands, that we want this site to be of the highest quality, that is hopefully why you joined, to view great shots and when one of your shots is selected, you can feel good about being in an elite group, not just a general pool.

I dont want to make this group some sort of insane dictatorial type of school group so we don't have many rules other then the following.

1. be ni marm ce. the purpose of this group is to share and view some of the best work that flickr has to offer. We encourage everyone to visit and comment, but being obnoxious or rude to members just doesn't fly with us

2. submit quality photos with artistic qualities. While you are free to submit anything including shots of your grandma doing the dishes, unless your shot is really really really really really good, it wont make the cut so you are just wasting your time and ours.

3. have fun. we created this group to have fun and share.

thats it hope you enjoy our little group and enjoy

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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