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Joanne-V ADMIN October 5, 2015
Help others progress to the next level! Give out at least 3 awards to others for each photo you post. Use the entire award code found on this page.

You MUST join this group/level so you can access discussion threads and request invite to next level.

Earn 7+ awards from Level 2 to receive invite to Level 3.

This group discussion is for members only.

Group Description

This is your second step in your 3-level journey to Beyond Excellence!

Shield Of Excellence - Level 1 (no invite needed)
Shield Of Excellence - Level 2 (earn 7+ DOUBLE THE EXCELLENCE awards from Level 1 to progress to Level 2)
Shield Of Excellence - Level 3 (earn 7+ HALL-OF-FAME awards from Level 2 to progress to Level 3)
Shield Of Excellence - Beyond Excellence (earn 7+ SUPERSTAR awards from Level 3 PLUS any combination to a total of 30 to receive final award/invite)

(copy and paste everything between the lines)

Congratulations on making
<a href="">Shield Of Excellence - Level 2</a>
<b>COLLECT 7 AWARDS...</b>
<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
...and post your photos <a href=""> here </a>
for your special invitation to
<a href=""> Shield Of Excellence - Level 3</a>
If not already done, please award at least 3 photos in the group. Thanks!

It looks like this:

Congratulations on making
Shield Of Excellence - Level 2

...and post your photos here
for your special invitation to
Shield Of Excellence - Level 3
If not already done, please award at least 3 photos in the group. Thanks!

Group Rules

If you don't like the group rules, please don't join. If you agree to the rules, join us and play fair!!

1. Shield Of Excellence is an awards group. In order to advance to other levels, you must earn awards from each level.

2. For every photo you post, you must immediately award THREE (3) other photos on the first few pages of the group pool. Do not award same image twice. Double-awards are treated as one.

3. This group will not tolerate images that are offensive, inflammatory, derogatory, racist, pornographic, or intended as ideological propaganda.

4. No advertising.

5. No nudity or partial nudity. No risque or provocative photos. No see-through clothing. No bare torsos. No pregnant bellies. Please post photos of children carefully. The admin reserve the right to remove any photo without warning or notice if deemed inappropriate.

regarding people photos:
No exposed torsos, stomachs, breasts, cleavage, rear ends, etc etc (male or female)
No porn
No lewd or lascivious, leading, tempting, erotic images

6. The following will get you banned from the group:

a. Posting pornography
b. Blocking an Administrator or Moderator
c. Reposting an image

Images that do not follow group rules will be removed without notice. Images may be removed for quality reasons without notice or warning.

Photo defined: An image that has been taken with a film or digital camera. Post processing is allowed.

Any image that has been completely created using a computer program is not allowed. These fall under the classification of Illustration/Art/Animation/CGI which is not allowed in this group.

Other images not allowed in the pool include screenshots/screencasts and videos.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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