name that style?

kerch PRO 12:52pm, 30 January 2010
I'm wondering if the rock art style displayed at the Horseshoe Shelter in Horseshoe Canyon (Canyonlands National Park) is Barrier Canyon Style. The pictographs at that site are dissimilar from those at the High Gallery and Great Gallery. If anyone can identify the style, I'd sure appreciate it.

Here's an example:
bclee PRO 8 years ago
I'd agree with coinslab -- the execution is not as careful as the other sites but many typical BCS symbols are there, such as the curly tailed dog and a horned snake type thing next to one of the figures. Some of the figures don't look BCS though. It's possible the panel was added to later, or repainted with modifications, by later groups.

That's my take, other people I've discussed this panel with have mixed opinions as to whether it's really BCS.
trite town [deleted] 8 years ago
Follow up, panel in Short Canyon. Looks almost brand new, but some of the figures seem BCS. Fremont or BCS?
"Red Goat" Panel in Short Canyon
bclee PRO 8 years ago
I haven't seen it in person -- do you have any wider shots? BCS artists tend to be picky about where they put their rock art. Without further information, I'd say nothing about the panel looks BCS to me. If I had to guess I'd say Fremont or maybe Ute. Short of having a horse in the panel it's hard to say Ute for sure, but they were influenced by the BCS, Fremont and Anasazi rock art they saw, but made very different use of the symbols/figures, and as a result Ute panels can be very confusing.
trite town [deleted] 8 years ago
Here's the panel in a wider angle shot
Wider View of the Red Sheep Panel in Short Canyon
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