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  • Actions VS Feelings.....

    Valentine's Day……it's a bit self-absorbed, don't you think? It's all about "fee...

    telling wristages ago0 replies

  • I heart history?

    Ah yes...the anatomical pumps, pulses, and palpitates when the potent...

    veggietableages ago0 replies

  • Not everybody wins at love.

    Well, nobody likes to admit their sorry, but sometimes it is for the best. So ...

    DAElasvegasages ago0 replies

  • Universal Love of LIFE

    I think it's nice to have a pretty holiday during cold winter season but the Val...

    veronica wintersages ago0 replies

  • Recommendation for Revised Valentine’s Day celebration

    The origin of Valentine’s Day was the letters sent by Valentine from a Roman p...

    chris paigeages ago0 replies

  • Creative Fun to Cheer People Up in Winter

    When I was in college (in the 80s), my sister, Chris, made me a hysterical colla...

    Monika6789ages ago0 replies

  • I Care Day

    I agree that Valentines Day has become commercialized and its icons boring. Why...

    LHLANIages ago0 replies

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