Katherine of Honeyhill Designs 9:34pm, 7 January 2012
There are some that needed help with making a mosaic, so I'm posting here in so that we have it for future swap months. I am not an expert, as some of you swap making fools are, so please jump in and clarify if I've missed a step or if you know of a way to simplify the process

Here's the link to a fee program a lot of us use:

1. Browse around Flickr and add items to your favorites that will give you partner an idea of what you're looking for with the pincushion swap.

2. Go to the link above and select the layout you would like. If you have 12 pictures you could pick a 3x4 layout.

3. There's a large square box next to the number 1 that says "Choose Photo", click on that box.

4. Click on the word "Flickr" to select photos from Flickr.

5. A pop up box will open and you will click on the "favorites" link. Click on the picture you want to add. Continue until all your spots are filled.

6. When you are done click the blue "create" button at the bottom and wait for the magic to happen. Once your mosaic pops up you can edit it if you want your pictures in a different order. Just click the "edit" button and you will go back to the first page. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a spot that's blank that's because the owner if the image "oppted out" and didn't not want their image to be used. You can leave it as is and we can click the hyperlink to see the picture, or you can delete it and add something different.

7. When you have your mosaic the way you want it, click on the "share" button and choose Flickr as your option. This will upload it to your photostream and you can then add it to our group. Please be sure and leave the hyperlinks in the description, as this gives proper credit to the owner of the image.

I you have any questions, please post a comment and someone will be along soon to help you out. Now, let's get to making those marvelous mosaics!!! :)

Another way that I do it instead of how you have #3 (I actually never knew you could do that!), is if you go to the photo you want to use and copy the url address. Then paste that url in the space next to the large square and it is virtually the same after that.

Then continue copying and pasting url's until you have all the pictures you want! :) I usually go through my favorites and open all the pictures I want to use in new tabs, then I don't have to use the back button a lot going from one photo to the next.

Thanks for the great instructions! :)
Gogokim PRO 7 years ago
Oh, I hope I can figure this out!
Yay, Kim!!! Pretty easy, huh?
Heide of chez zero 7 years ago
Oh man, I went through and did the whole thing, but missed all the links! Crap. Starting over...
jmmaxman 7 years ago
I totally cant figure it out so I made a board on pinterest!
Oh no!!!! Girls, let me know if you need any help. Jacqueline, we will forgive you since you have baby on the brain. :)
gardenmis 7 years ago
I tried to put one together and somehow lost it all! :( I will try again tomorrow or just make a board on pinterest. (love that idea jmmaxman)
That's totally fine! You can also make a gallery here in Flicker, and post the link here. If you don't know how to do that I will be happy to help.
jmmaxman 7 years ago
On the brain, in the ribs, on the bladder, in the hips.... Oye! ;-)
Manda Made Quilts 6 years ago
Don't forget to make your mosaic for the group. If you post them, they will come.
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