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  • About pictures not taken with an M6

    Dear Group, From time to time, some pictures appear in our common photo-stream ...

    arguelles3145 months ago2 replies

  • Leica M6TTL Light leak

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble with a light leak in my M6TTL and no one seems to b...

    tim-onnes8 months ago7 replies

  • Scratched Negatives

    A couple rolls of film I just shot have horizontal scratches along the whole len...

    patrickhanleyjr8 months ago2 replies

  • Best Picture of the Week

    In order to have more fun in this Group, from now on every saturday I'll choose ...

    arguelles31418 months ago5 replies

  • M6 non-TTL with ND filter

    Hi, I'm new to the group, and to the Leica rangfinders. I've borrowed an M6, wh...

    Tim Roper20 months ago2 replies

  • Leica MP shutter dial question

    Hi all, Is the shutter dial on a Leica MP easier to rotate than the shutter d...

    Simon_Bates21 months ago3 replies

  • Film lead

    Hi all, I'm currently buying film in bulk and loading my own film canisters. ...

    gaborthefisher21 months ago1 replies

  • Using Leica M film cameras in very cold weather

    Hi All, I will travelling in N. China in December, and it is going to be cold...

    Tamachi 99923 months ago6 replies

  • blue toned negatives.

    I shot a roll of Tri-X through my M6 ttl. I am confused as to why the negatives ...

    benmurphyy28 months ago2 replies

  • SF 24D with M6 TTL

    Hi all, would have a question about how to use SF 24D with a 6 TTL. As far...

    Josh KDK37 months ago0 replies

  • Looking for a nice Black Paint Leica MP

    Hello, i'm looking for a Black-paint MP in good condition. I'm based in Austri...

    marcel:gladbach38 months ago0 replies

  • False information on a photo

    I up loaded a photo taken on film with an M6, so no exif data, for some reason F...

    Mike Yeats39 months ago2 replies

  • UV filter

    Could anyone shed some light on UV filters and color film? Do they actually make...

    Christopher:Price39 months ago1 replies

  • Is this a light leak?

    Hi everyone, recently i have in a lot of pcitures this strange thing at the r...

    Josh KDK39 months ago4 replies

  • Nice M6 Classic .72 body in black for sale

    Contact me at if interested.

    Pstmstr39 months ago0 replies

  • Leica M6 Classic - Shutter speed dial noise

    Dear All, My M6 Classic (Leitz Wetzlar), when the shutter is NOT cocked, and ...

    A.Ky40 months ago5 replies

  • New admin

    Hi all, I’m Luis and am the new admin of this Group. About myself, I’...

    arguelles31440 months ago0 replies

  • How to shoot leica m6 with a flash (non ttl)

    Hello, I am new to film flash photography. How can I find out what is the corre...

    Wudy Ng40 months ago5 replies

  • Call for new admins of this group

    This is Matthew from the Community Team at Flickr HQ. With all the recent cha...

    Matthew Almon Roth40 months ago2 replies

  • LR44 Battery life

    how long the batteries last an average of your LEICA M6 TTL? I have to chang...

    Giorgio R42 months ago6 replies

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