Telefontubbie 9:33pm, 25 July 2010
I am from Latvia and i'm planning to visit Lithuania pretty soon. This will be the very first time in LT..
Need suggestions about abandoned places in route Pasvalys-Panevėžys-Ukmergė-Jonava-Kaunas-Kėdainiai-Radviliškis-Šiauliai-Joniškis. imho,trip will last about 3 days.
I know where are military bases, will visit some of those definitely But i just wanted to know if there are different kind of abandonements,too. Maybe somebody knows lithuanian digger (urban explorer) contacts? There was a lithuanian forum called,but now it's closed..
I'm also interested in museums. Are there interesting museums related with WW2 too?
Sorry about my "Engrish", if i wrote this in Russian it would be much worse
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