Telefontubbie 6:56pm, 15 October 2009
Hi everybody! I like UE photography, history and and geocaching. I'm from Latvia, Riga.
And what about you?
großstadtdschungel 9 years ago

I am from Berlin, Germany, and visited Riga and sorroundings in 2008. I would like to ad some pictures to your group.
k0ffin 9 years ago
Я из Лиепаи :-)
Неплохая тут у тебя подборка заброшенностей.. У нас в Лиепае не одно такое местечко..
Telefontubbie 9 years ago
I have visited Liepaja last year:
There were many interesting locations, not only around Karosta area. :)
k0ffin 9 years ago
Thanks for nice words about my town..
See ya..
Kari-S PRO 9 years ago
I am from Finland/South Carelia, but we have been photographing at Ida-Virumaa.
akkaru PRO 9 years ago
Thanks for invitation :)
I like abandoned places and urban landscapes. So I can say you have very nice group.
I'm from Riga :)
mirabilisjalapa2000 9 years ago
Hi, Vilnius , Lithuania
JudyJack1960 PRO 8 years ago
I'm from Sheridan, Wyoming in the U.S. My wife and I traveled in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania in 2008 and fell in love with it all.
temporary jellyfish [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi ,
of course you can add my picture, I have many more like it. Please tell me how to add them?
Telefontubbie 8 years ago
If you go to Abandoned Baltic group's pool, then you'll might see number of items and 'add something?' near pink title "Group pool". If you click on title 'add something' i guess it won't be difficult to choose&add pictures :) Good luck :)
Meelika~ 8 years ago
Hey, I am from Estonia. n_n
A.Darviņa -LV- 8 years ago
Tātad,rakstīšu latviski. :)
Dzīvoju Rīgā. Šad un tad pafotografēju pamestas ēkas,rūpnīcas. Šovasar esmu apsolījusies pie tā atkal atgriezties. :)

P.S. paldies,ka uzaicināji uz šo grupu.
I live in Riga. Sometimes I photograph abandoned buildings and factories. This summer I promised myself to get back on the track. :)
pildirull 8 years ago
I'm from Estonia and I have passion for exploring world around me, including the silent and sometimes not so silent abandoned places.
brash sky [deleted] 8 years ago
Jukka from Finland
john grzinich 7 years ago
been living in Estonia now for 8 years. I travel the Baltics pretty regularly. Always looking for some nice abandoned sites.
Lauri S Laurén PRO 6 years ago
Hello! I´m Lauri from Finland. My family has also flat in Läänemaa Estonia. So somewhile I´m there and take photos too.
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