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Thanks again for all your great contributions so far! Even though the anniversary is over, we are still interested to see your gems. So please feel free to add your memories to the group pool and share your stories with us.

For more information on the project, just head over to the FlickrBlog.


  • Time Frame

    I note pictures are being posted post 1989. Have the rules been changed concerni...

    Cold War Warrior35 months ago0 replies

  • Photos of divided Berlin before 1961.

    In my photostream are many photos I took of divided Berlin between 1958 and 1960...

    allhails84 months ago4 replies

  • Are these from Berlin?

    "Berlin?" by gill4kleuren [?] Berlin? "Berlin?" by gill4kleuren [?] Berlin?

    gill4kleuren - 19 ml views84 months ago6 replies

  • Where was I?

    Can anyone identify where I was standing when I took this photograph? Thanks. ...

    organic carpenter85 months ago0 replies

  • Die Nacht an dem die Mauer bröckelte

    Hallo zusammen, anlässlich des 20ten Jubileums des Mauerfalls, ein bisschen ...

    supreme kittens109 months ago0 replies

  • Share your memories and stories here!

    What incredible photo submissions! A huge thank you to everyone that's taken par...

    squirrelmonkey116 months ago4 replies

  • Berlin Wall: Point of View

    As my images from Berlin are from Die letzte Woche von der DDR , that is, septem...

    jorge dragón [testing flickr]117 months ago0 replies

  • 10 november 1989 photo's

    i was stationed there 1989-1992. at Andrews Kaserne. my parents house burnt the ...

    panax440118 months ago1 replies

  • Berlin

    I was an American soldier stationed in Berlin from1963 to 1966.I was there for J...

    doc6366119 months ago1 replies

  • Looking for pic of speciffic wall segment

    Hi, I faintly remember a segment of the wall between Potsdamer Platz and Axel...

    hesitant meal120 months ago6 replies

  • Cycling the Frame

    I´d like to point you to the upcoming film (The Invisible Frame). A documentary...

    hesitant mealages ago1 replies

  • An American Soldier's Memory, 1963

    I regret that I have not one single photograph to contribute documenting my expe...

    Charles G. Haackerages ago2 replies

  • Share Your Galleries

    The anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall is a great time to make use of th...

    crbassettages ago0 replies

  • Do you have any questions?

    We hope you are enjoying the Berlin 1961-1989 project as much as we do! Please l...

    Xerxes2Kages ago5 replies

  • Habt ihr irgendwelche Fragen?

    Wir hoffen, ihr habt genau so viel Spaß am Berlin 1961-1989 Projekt wie wir! La...

    Xerxes2Kages ago0 replies

  • [Français] Avez-vous des questions ?

    Toute l'équipe espère que vous apprécierez ce très beau projet sur Berlin et...

    -shr-ages ago3 replies

  • West Berlin, August 13, 1961 0200 hrs

    I was in my bedroom reading when I heard noises out in the hall way. I got up t...

    PicFiendages ago0 replies

  • Vague Memories - Comments Welcome

    Please feel free to post corrections or add more information to any of the photo...

    Steven Green Photographyages ago0 replies

  • Wall art

    Love these photos of Wall art. Add others that catch your eye to this thread! ...

    Avataraages ago0 replies

  • Another Flickr group to check out

    As it has been around a while and contains over 3000 images already, is www.flic...

    Matthew Fieldages ago0 replies

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