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reclaimednj ADMIN January 18, 2011
Welcome to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ's (http://www.conservewildlifenj.org) rare wildlife group! This group is intended for individuals to be able to post and share their photos of wildlife (and their habitat, aka where they live) that are listed as Endangered, Threatened, or are species of Special Concern in New Jersey.

Please include the county and township as "tags" where the photo was taken.

Thank you for sharing you photos!

Group Description

This group has been created to offer a way for photographers and the general public to be able to share photographs of wildlife (and their habitat) that are listed as endangered, threatened, and special concern in the state of New Jersey.

About Us:
The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey (CWF) is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to New Jersey’s rare wildlife, including the 71 species protected by law and the hundreds of others considered Species of Conservation Concern. Since our inception in 1991, CWF has worked to protect our wildlife resources through research, management, outreach, and education.

Group Rules

Thank you for joining the "Rare Wildlife of New Jersey" group here on Flickr! This group is administered by the biologists from Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, a small non-profit organization that is dedicated to protecting NJ's endangered and threatened wildlife.

By agreeing to these rules you accept that only photos of NATIVE rare wildlife can be added to the group pool. This means that the species must occur in New Jersey during the non-breeding or breeding season, AND be listed as endangered, threatened, or special concern during either of these seasons. For a full comprehensive list of these species, please refer to our online field guide: www.conservewildlifenj.org/species/fieldguide/

Thank you!

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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