ong.kelvin 3:46am, 26 November 2009
I encountered a problem with this scanner scanning medium format color negatives. Please see my photos below...

defect!!! by ong.kelvin

defect!!! by ong.kelvin

defect!!! by ong.kelvin

Near center of the image, there is a split of color tone. This happens when i scan it as color negative, but when scanned as color positive and inverted in photoshop it does not produce this artifact. However, this does not happen with my 35mm color negatives.
If anyone else is having this issue please post it up here and we will try to get Epson to help us solve this issue.

ps: If you go through my other scans which do not have this split of color tone, its because they are scanned as positive and inverted in photoshop.
HamburgCam PRO 7 years ago
I just found out that I have the same issue with the V600, and it looks pretty bad!

First I thought it was an Epson software glitch, but I get the same result with VueScan!

Scan-091125-0002-1 Epson V600

The left side is brighter than the richt side. You see it especially in underexposed or darker images. Slides and B&W are fine though...
HamburgCam PRO 7 years ago
I got this reply from Mike at

"I asked Ed Hamrick (who wrote VueScan) if he saw anything like this problem. He said you can indeed have this problem if you inadvertently block the calibration area on the scanner glass.

Make sure no part of the film falls into the calibration area of the scanner, which is the small bar at the narrow end of the glass near the hinge for the cover...

If something blocks part of that area, the scanner will calibrate itself differently for that side of the image. "

I will try to follow his advise and rescan the negative film again. Maybe you can give it a try, too?
HamburgCam PRO 7 years ago
I just got a good feedback from Mike:

"Epson has isolated the issue to the version of Epson Scan software that shipped with the scanner. To resolve the problem, just download the latest driver from Epson. Here's the official word:

"This error has to do with the in-box version of the Epson Scan software. As we speak Epson is finalizing a replacement CD to rectify this issue. All units shipping from the end of January moving forward will include the new CD.

Existing customers can access the latest driver on Perf V600 Drivers and Downloads. The latest driver will fix the glitch. Here is the link: "

I downloaded the new driver and got much better results. But now I have a purple line running through the image. Could someone please also confirm if the new driver will cause a purple line on 6 x 6 color negative scans?

HamburgCam PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by HamburgCam (admin) 7 years ago
Issue is fixed :)

Just needed to restart everything after the driver update.

Bony Bokeh by HamburgCam
Gerard van D Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Gerard van D (member) 7 years ago
I can confirm the purple line!

I could only get is away after the following:
1) cleaning the calibration area
2) perfoming scans with various bits-per-pixels 16-bit grey, 24 bit color...

Maybe step 2 was effectively just recalibrating the scanner.
cherry island 6 years ago
I encountered the same problem
delta2864 6 years ago
i got the same thing patch didn't help so far
delta2864 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by delta2864 (member) 6 years ago
dirty calibration area or possibly slide

this is a fantastic scanner if you shoot Velvia or Kodachrome
does the colors right out of the box no tweaking

Epsom software and Adobe Elements is a marriage in need of an annulment, why didn't they give us Vuscan or Silverfast?
D.Michelson PRO 6 years ago
I just started noticing this issue last night. I've updated Vuescan, tried Epson Scan, updated the driver, cleaned the glass, still no luck.

Hopefully I figure out a solution or the v600 gets returned and I have to save for a v700
HamburgCam PRO 6 years ago
Installing the new Epson Scan should also update the Driver and fix this issue...

Have you rebooted after install?
sandy.mclea 6 years ago
Hi, Did anybody come up with a solution to this problem.
My negs have a line with a different density on each side, and my positives film just has a line through.
Did a driver update. Cleaned the calibration area. Tried Vuescan. Rebooted.
I have a scanner i like but it doesn't like me.
Has anyone found a solution?
sandy.mclea 6 years ago
Took my scanner in. Service center says is discontinued, and didn't mention anything about the problems. so might be getting an upgrade v700/750.
HamburgCam PRO 6 years ago
Driver update and claning the calibration area fixed the problem for most people. The V600 is discontinued? The V700 is much older...

Epson website sais it is "out of stock" Maybe too many of them underneath the christmas tree?
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