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  • Is anyone still using this camera?

    I recently bought one and I'm on my third roll. I have to say I really like both...

    adamkipris3 months ago5 replies

  • Diana mini or La Sardina?

    Hi everyone! I’ve been looking into buying a new lomography camera. There ha...

    umbraon715 months ago0 replies

  • Shutter Release Cable

    Hi everyone! I've been looking for shutter release cables for my Diana Mini. How...

    arielhappenedtome18 months ago1 replies

  • Diana Mini + Fujicolor C200

    I'll be bringing my Diana Mini, Fujicolor C200 and Fujicolor Superia 100 with me...

    arielhappenedtome18 months ago6 replies

  • stiff shutter lever...will i get camera shake?

    I've just bought the mini, and the shutter leaver gets "kind of " stuck half way...

    soundjonny21 months ago4 replies

  • My first Diana Mini roll

    Hello! I bought a Diana Mini camera and today I picked up my first roll and I'm ...

    alejandrina9628 months ago1 replies

  • .


    SandersOfTheRiver30 months ago0 replies

  • Shutter Sticking about 1/2 open :(

    Ive had my mini for about a year I think (she's called Betsy) and well my last r...

    Michelle.Corrie32 months ago19 replies

  • To tape or not to tape?

    Just got a mini and i was wondering if these need to be taped up to prevent ligh...

    AshesLH32 months ago4 replies

  • Half frame mode doesn`t work

    I recently got a Diana mini and I had been using it in square mode. Everything s...

    lunagandolfi32 months ago1 replies

  • the

    hey!!! I apologize if this has alrady been posted...but I have about 4 rolls of ...

    michellybee43 months ago6 replies

  • Slide film options?

    Looking to start shooting slide film but it seems options are really limited now...

    Henry Air'd43 months ago2 replies

  • How to read the counter

    I might be silly but is there a proper way to read the counter? It goes from E t...

    Henry Air'd46 months ago3 replies

  • How do i make sure the film is done?

    Hi Guys! i recently bought my Diana Mini and i'm so in love with it! however, th...

    juliee_fer48 months ago1 replies

  • mini hacks

    Hi all, just got a second hand Diana Mini and ran the first roll of film throu...

    erbswurst54 months ago5 replies

  • Wheel keeps winding

    Hi, I just opened a Diana mini and watched a lot of videos about how to load the...

    perryhantekin57 months ago1 replies

  • Consistent green light leak

    Hi, fellow Diana Mini folks! We here have received replacement camera in warr...

    linas_lietus61 months ago4 replies

  • Revelado de Fotos! Help!

    Hello! Someone who speaks Spanish here? Alguien que hable Español...? Quisi...

    Yamila Barcia63 months ago1 replies

  • Cable Release Problems

    Hi I recently bought a standard cable release for my Diana Mini. It doesn't go a...

    fatimavista66 months ago2 replies

  • Diana Mini F+ - The Great Skipped Frame Debate

    Hi all. First of all please bear with me as I was only recently gifted a Diana M...

    whoisreagan67 months ago4 replies

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