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melcir.meri ADMIN January 2, 2013
Welcome. Happy 2013 Please JOIN and give our AWARDS. Add to the "ECO-LIVING Bicentenary" Vision ~ World-transformations! Follow Wm. Phillips' life, travels, career, associates. Join the Discussions. Add me as CONTACT/ FRIEND. Introduction. Help transform YOUR town!! [No UNRELATED posts]

Group Description


We're for celebrating the remarkable life of WILLIAM PHILLIPS [1825-1911], JP, LCC, innovative social reformer, philanthropist, and environmentalist, who sought to help heal the planet, aid World Peace, and by Arbitration, to help prevent war.

NB: If you have [or will design] some beautiful or stunning image for **EARTH**,
for possible display here, please share with us.


William Phillips mentions in his Autobiography that he met Giuseppe Garibaldi, but does
not indicate where, or when. Perhaps you would like to do some followup research in London to look for missing records and data. If so, let us know. Many thanks!

Ebru Today - Dr. William Connell - Giuseppe Garibaldi - YouTube
► 4:57 - LAUNCH VIDEO HERE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0JNxZuRjV0
Jul 4, 2012 - Uploaded by EbruToday

Seton Hall University's Dr. William Connell shares the story of Giuseppe Garibaldi.
An Italian man born on the 4th of July, Garibaldi aided Abraham Lincoln in the
abolition of slavery.


Into Eco-living? Ready to draw upon some wonderful achievements, far ahead of their time, to help build a quality future for us ALL? -- Love fab music, free park concerts, tall-ship sailing, festivals, romantic park gazebos, and all great eco-living themes, especially community stalls with free tree give-aways to plant, and other great activities? -- You'll love our plans!!!

Do please make Contact. Share your Queries and Ideas in our Discussions. Just Shared Thoughts & Notes re William Phillips Biography, plus local support to celebrate his achievements, in Eco-Living ...

. CELEBRATE OUR EARTH, in your local time - season, Phillips achievements, as a great champion of eco-community living. We invite all to celebrate -- and emulate! -- the future-oriented goals of this multi-talented music-loving community hero. Enter here... !!! Realm of Excitement and Discovery .... Who is William Phillips?


. Help us present to the world the life of William Phillips, JP, LCC - Deptford, as international social reformer and environmental leader. We launched his 2011 Eco-Centenary in February 2011!! -- Now, we simply celebrate his dynamic eco-living insight and ongoing achievements. See:
Our Brighton Launch. Keep up with our themes, for William Phillips Festivals of Eco-Living , via our News Updates, plus enjoy great Music-clips, and fun green-Earth activities -- as EARTHCARE & Eco-Living unfolds.

. Help eco-living become a fun multi-nation eco-festival. Learn about WP's life, his great goal to re-afforest the millions of lost TREES. Volunteer. Be a local catalyst. Promote park revitalisation. Gain greater life-buoyancy. Support environmental and charitable events. Urge local groups to host outdoor public musical events. Help fund park and forest re-plantings. -- Teach sustainable living. [.]

. Wherever you are, help create a fun and
SUSTAINABLE LIVING ENVIRONMENT focus. SEEK SUPPORT, OR SPONSORSHIP, ETC. for local - national Eco-living events for the William Phillips Eco-Living Visions celebrations. As a Festival committee is formative, we seek volunteers -- Concerts Director, plus local interface and support, to present *stunning* events. If you wish to help, have musical talent, expertise in environmentally friendly, 'free park festivals', or similar, contact us with : your offer of FESTIVAL help, support, sponsorship, organising or promotion skill, event themes, etc.

. "For if one link in Nature's chain might be lost,
another might be lost, until the whole of things will vanish piecemeal." ~ Thomas Jefferson

. .

. FIND ECO-FRIENDLY BANDS & SOLOISTS for the Concert. Share U-Tube clips!!! Here is a sample, to get you started. Your favourite U-Tube clips of eco-friendly bands ...

. CELEBRATE William Phillips' life, family and achievements.
*Scroll on down*, below our AWARD -- INVITE code, for more information in our group Discussions.


We have a choice of AWARDS. Copy and add any of these to images you select
in this group pool. Our awards are immediately below. Copy and use these AWARD
codes, plus your friendly comments. Follow the prompt, below the sample images.

Fantastic work -- Seen in:
William PHILLIPS' Portrait, by James Archer, RSA, has been FOUND!!!!
Help Celebrate his ECO-LIVING VISONS

Our second image.

Beautiful!! -- Thanks for adding your great image to


Join. Share the fun. Add tag: Wm-Phillips-Eco-Living Visions

To get these codes, !!: Please give our AWARDS generously ...
Copy and paste one of the AWARD codes in the Comments boxes
of images you like in our pool, plus add your own pleasant
comment. ~ Have fun!!

Potplants -- pinkypink || Angel swinging in tree -- debbyrc || Season Tree -- laurenbellamy ||

with us. Help us: assist this online group to

a] promote William Phillips' life, and create great INTERNATIONAL-UK - IRELAND - ITALY, &c.
celebratory ECO-CENTENARY activities, including public presentations, eg. free concerts, museum exhibitions, and FESTIVAL events, based on his far-sighted goals and achievements.:
1. present William Phillips to the world, as:
a. futurist-way-opener, eg. an innovative musical conductor; who initiated free outdoor Municipal Band public concert events in Britain's parks and public spaces
b. social reformer -- Municipal and political reforms to help alleviate poverty, through education, disability and old-age pensions, &c.
c. humanitarian - peace advocate - developed and co-launched major International Peace Associations
d. environmentalist -- protect, re-afforest, and expand Parks and Open Spaces.
2. Prepare mailing lists, and invite community bodies to [co-]organize eco-friendly:
a] *** free park concerts *** --
b] community-renewal programs, eg.
i. waterway cleanups,
ii. raise tree seedlings, plant trees and flowers:
A] on footpath nature-strips -- www.flickr.com/search/groups/?m=pool&z=t&w=121613...

help to reseach archives, plus to index historic and biographic data; edit and submit data for journals, and other publications; + data for Heritage Wall Plaques, at . Lewisham, . Deptford, . Hove, and . Leenane, Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland.
B] in avenues and streets -- www.flickr.com/search/groups/?q=tree+streets&m=pool&a...
C] for reafforestation of parklands --
D] erect floral-support street-lamp posts; hang banners + flower-baskets -- hang floral-baskets ...
3. local area projects, eg.
a] book venues, + create festival promos, find support, etc.
b] locate eco-friendly bands, invite them to play at local park concerts, etc.
c] Set up local committees to organize local events, liaise with the William Phillips Eco-Centenary program
d] Host a local competition: design residential and business area window-boxes, plus

4. HISTORY-Gathering - Data Storage-Retrieval:
a] -- genenealogical links to William's parents' ancestors and kin: See his parental biographical details, via our general INDEX -- William Phillips: -- his Life and Family -- parents, their lineage, his 2 wives, and children , plus
b] -- William's business and humanitarian activities: locate and search
i]. archival sources eg. London and other Municipal Archives, and
ii] biographical and career documents, &c.,
b] create media releases,
. These are just some of our exciting themes for Eco-Centary community projects. -- Want to participate? ~ Scroll down, for details. Follow the prompts. -- Click!! for our discussions, aimed to inspire you!!!




Group Rules

Please regularly read our group's admin. message banner.

. You are welcome to add images in our pool -- every day or so, if you wish.


. When you enter 1-3 photo images, ALWAYS add 1+ FAVES + our AWARDS, plus your friendly comments, to images in our pool, -- Do not just comment. Give our group AWARDS, FAVE too.

. ** If you do not wish to COMMENT +AWARD others -- DON’T JOIN our group!**

. Please copy / paste our tag on all entries -- wm-philips-eco-centenary-2011 .

. Enter ONLY your best images!!! Note: When you add your photos to our pool, you also give permission for us to add your images to our group promotions [ask for information if you wish]. We credit each item plus link it to your Flickr account.

. Do not re-enter removed images!!

. Visit our Discussion threads, and keep informed. Do add a relevant comment if you have information to share, or simply like what you find there.

. Be kind - People love FUN & COOL comments.

. Or start a Discussion. Be sure it is on topic. Or send a note first to me -- melcir.meri.

. Create your own special flickr "photo set&quot. Label it -- "Wm. Phillips 2011 Eco-Centenary" -- for the photos you send in to our group.

. Copy and file our AWARDS, to add to your COMMENTS.

. Invite images to this group. Use our INVITE-AWARD ~ INVITE only ** great images**

. Please remember to unblock the admins, before you post here!

. Remember ~ Have FUN [Life is a journey to JOY ~ KINDNESS ~ LOVE ~ HELPFULNESS ~ WISDOM ~ PEACE ~ EARTHCARE ~ POTENCY]

. Help fellow members be better photographers and stronger humans.

. Help to restore and protect NATURE!! Consciously re-focus from creating just images of Beauty in Nature, to using photography as a tool to help create a Wise and caring planetary future.

. We love images of historical significance, and of advanced innovations in sustainable living transformations.

. Have fun!!! -- Learn by contributing, by viewing, plus by faving and commenting on others images.

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