sammiecaine 2:34pm, 21 December 2010
We need ways to get things moving in this group again people...

Add to the forum.
Invite contacts to join.
Post photos.
Don't dump and run.

If you have ideas, feel free to post!
So what are the main aims of this group? What are we supposed to be discussing to draw others to the group?
sammiecaine 8 years ago
I have absolutely no idea. I was just made a mod and then the admin stopped with the group.

I've started another group. This is in the hope that we can get an active group going but also have the admin capabilities.

Fancy lending a hand? I need another person to help set it up.
Well, I feel honoured. I'm not much of a photographer and my comments wil probably not mean much but I have no issues with being a moderator or admin to keep pruning inappropriate comments
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