sammiecaine 6:47pm, 5 October 2010
Right guys, this group is pretty much dead. The forum has been for at least three months now, which is definitely not good.

Let's get this group up and running again!
But all the best people are dead.... as proved by the news about Sir Norman Wisdom this morning ;-(
ƎƦɬƇẪ☮ 8 years ago
My group is dead also.
i am with out a computer now which sucks
i just need help out with it.
id help out getting it up and running again.
if you would be willing to help out with my group?
Maybe......... when I get more time (currently at work) I'll PM you
Meantime .... have fun with your camera(s) !
sammiecaine 8 years ago
It's sad when groups begin to die... There's so much potential in groups, but no one ever seems to want to give in order to get, which is sad :(

The only way that keeps most groups alive now is those "Post one, comment two" or whatever threads now..
joeppo 8 years ago
What!? This group is dead? Long live 'Best People on Flickr' ... Come on, there must be more than 7,585 people worth snapping!! I just added one!

If everyone 'Best' is dead, try acknowledging some local Graffiti Street Art:
As long as it's London! otherwise you'll... not get in! INNIT!

THIS GROUP WILL NOT DIE! Maybe you need more of a 'Cause'...GROUP! Don't die... it's sad...

Maybe, we should start a 'Best people mourning the best people on flickr' group... That way I could take photos of myself quite drunk...

SORRY... I like the group though! All the best! J
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