ahbasit 9:51pm, 19 November 2009
The theme for the November competition is Darkness as chosen by our October winner Celeste M, here's what she had to say about the theme.

I think it can be fun to have themes that are open to interpretation. It could be interpreted many ways, including dark colors, nighttime, sad or somber mood, etc. I hope it elicits a good range of creative responses.

1. One entry per member (posted as a small size photo).
2. Photo must comply with the group rules (can be found on the main group page), should be added to the group pool and be in relation to the theme.
3. Number your photos #1, #2, #3 and so on...
4. Once the entries are closed, make sure you vote (all entrants are required to vote in the contest).
5. One vote only (for the best photo not person) and you may not vote for youself.

The top photos will be showcased on the front page until the end of the next competition. The winner will also be allowed to choose the theme for the next month.

Entries close on 30th November. Looking forward to seeing your entries, good luck!

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abject committee [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by abject committee (member) 9 years ago
{sleepyhead} 9 years ago

i guess this could be considered darkness, right? it's kinda sad?
Celeste M (more off than on) Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ahbasit (admin) 9 years ago

prison colony ruins
Ruins of the prison colony on St. Helena Island, Queensland, Australia. Could anything be darker than the unreachable freedom represented by this sunset?
sammiecaine Posted 9 years ago. Edited by sammiecaine (moderator) 9 years ago

[Hop Tu Naa | A Brief History]

Taken on a popular holiday "Hallowe'en".
Over the years Hallowe'en has been commercialised by the American "trick or treat" expedition that young children carry out each year whilst dressed up as monsters and ghosts.

On the Isle of Man we call this celebration Hop Tu Naa and the festival was to celebrate the end of the harvest.

The Celts would celebrate new year on November 1st. On the last evening of the year, October 31st, they believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to the earth. These ghosts roamed the world, causing damage to crops and performing other mischief, as they searched for living bodies to possess.

The shadows are the other world, please dont take me away
ahbasit 9 years ago
5 entries this month, let the voting begin. Voting expected to close on Sunday 6th December.
sammiecaine 9 years ago
In that case:

I vote for #2 - by haileyhurricane :)
abject committee [deleted] 9 years ago
#3 by Cheleste M
my vote for
#3 Cheleste M
#4 @sammie
{sleepyhead} 9 years ago
#1 by hiker. :) i really like the contrast. :D
ahbasit 9 years ago
Will leave this open a little longer to allow more votes, please place yours.
ahbasit 9 years ago
Anyone else want to vote?
ahbasit 9 years ago
No more votes so competition is closed.

Winner for the second month running is Celeste M. Congrats!

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