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ahbasit 9:20am, 12 October 2009
Welcome to the group!

Please introduce yourself to the other members, quoting:

- Who you are.
- What camera(s) you use.
- & Where you come from.
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acceptable work [deleted] 6 years ago
Hi im Neil from Wolverhampton in the UK. Im 35 years old and am a DJ in various bars around the midlands. But since 2011 ive started photography and loving every bit of it.
Hey guys!

Who / Colin Gould, work for an architectural rendering studio as their designer and photographer

What / Canon 5D, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 60D

Where / Boston,MA, born and raised
kennethkonica PRO 5 years ago
Hi I'm Steve from Beech Grove, Indiana, USA, which is 15 minutes from Indianapolis. I use several cameras including a Nikon D70s and a Nikon D200 along with a Nikon CoolPix. Also my Iphone4. I used to use a Konica Minolta Z2 and wore two of them out. I love to shoot anything that grabs my eye. I'm addicted to photography just a camera junkie.
bradleyskaggs PRO 3 years ago
- Who: Bradley Skaggs, architect, designer, creative director, founder of SKAGGS (www.skaggscreative.com), and lastly, passionate photographer.
- What: Canon 5d mII and FujiFilm x100t.
- & Where: Based out of New York City.
(101 to 104 of 104 replies)
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