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ahbasit 9:20am, 12 October 2009
Welcome to the group!

Please introduce yourself to the other members, quoting:

- Who you are.
- What camera(s) you use.
- & Where you come from.
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ahbasit 9 years ago
I'll start us off.

- Who: I'm Abdul. Yasin made me an Admin for the group to help devleop it a bit.
- What: I mainly use a Canon XTi.
- Where: Now based in London, via Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and many places in the UK.

Looking forward to getting to know as many of you as possible.
Who: I'm Yasin.
- What: I mainly use a Small pocket Panasonic Cam.
- Where: Now in Kuwait via Pakistan, Sialkot
Hopes u all introduce your self soon
royal talk [deleted] 9 years ago
Who: Denise
What- Canon EOS 50D used mainly also have a fuji finepix s8100
Where-Illinois-USA-a small farm town :)
WiseDvo PRO 9 years ago
Who: I'm Wilson (wisedvo)
wHAT: nIKON d300
wHERE : i'M FROM dAVAO cITY Philippines.
Thanks for the invite!
litlesam1 PRO 9 years ago
Who: I'm Larry
What: I use a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot most of the time. I also have an Olympus C-5060 that I am just learning to use.
Where: Baltimore, Maryland
Thanks for the invitation.
witty rake [deleted] 9 years ago
who: Im loraine
what: i use a canon d30 digital slr
where: oldham, England, thanks for the invite and good luck with the group.
cluttered sofa [deleted] 9 years ago
Sayran from USA, physician by occupation. Photography is my hobby when off work. Camer, canon eos 50d.
who : a7la samra :P
what : sony and after few month i'll be a canon user inshalla
Where : Kingdom of Bahrain
Nice to Know about New Friends

Welcome All to this New Group
larose_blanche 9 years ago
Who : Larose ( Larose_blanche)
What : I use pentax k200d with standard lens for most of my photos.
Where : Australia, South East QLD
QuangTrinh 9 years ago
Who: Trinh from Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City.
What: I use Canon 5D II with some lenses. Love taking pictures and playing tennes in free time
Nice to share amazing moments with you.
Andrew Azis 9 years ago
Who: Andrew Azis
What: I use a Nikon D80 & D200
Where: Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Nice to meet everybody! Love your photostreams, i'm learning so much :)
Jan 130 PRO 9 years ago
Who: Jan Grant
What: I use a Canon Ixus 990 IS - I don't do much with my photos, except crop etc. Nothing fancy!!
Where: Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham, UK.

Thank you for the invite to this group, which I was sent from Mikazu! I haven't yet posted any photos, but I will do so shortly, hopefully (time permitting).
Tony Baldwinson PRO 9 years ago
I am Tony and use a Sony R-1 and an Olympus SP570 mainly for macros. I live in Leeds, England :o)
Welcome Guys again
superkoyron 9 years ago
Hey, Sergio here... from Santiago, Chile... D300 rocks....
GioPhotos 9 years ago
Hi! My name is Giovanni Arteaga and I from Los Angeles, California. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II. I am always learning from all the talent here in Flickr. Photography makes me happy. Thank you all for sharing.
Hello!! i'm Allan from Chicago,illinois..i'm a Nikon D300 and D90 user and for Macro i use Sony a350..
Brennan Anderson 9 years ago
I'm Brennan.
I shoot with a Nikon D90.
I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Rivai Ahmad Affandi 9 years ago
Im Rivai, Jakarta Indonesia.

My occupation is 3d creator for Interior & Architecture. That's my priority to learn, actually.

I use 3dMax8 with Vray8

Camera : Canon Powershot A470

Nice to know you guys!!
seroja pictures 9 years ago
I'm Seroja
I shoot with a Nikon D40 and D50
I'm from Malaysia but currently staying in Ehime, Japan (maybe until 2012)
reminiscent mask [deleted] 9 years ago
who: Alfredo
What: I mainly shoot with a Nikon D80,..but I also use a Canon point and shoot,and Fuji sf1000d.
Where: Right now in Casa Grande,Az,..in a few weeks San Antonio,TX.
BRENDA2124 9 years ago
Who: Brenda
what:Canon sx 100
where: Clewiston florida
Dinesh Hukmani 9 years ago
Who : Dinesh Hukmani
What : Nikon D90, Fuji Finepix S5800
Where: Pune, India
Brendiano 9 years ago
Name is Brendan,
17 years of age,
live in Ireland Co. Donegal,
use a Nikon D40.
Cosmoswithlove 9 years ago
Who: Irina, I'm 18 years old.
What: Canon EOS Kissx2= Canon EOS 450D
Where: Lithuania (North Europe) -Small Town "Visaginas"
Abid_Shehzad 9 years ago
Who: i m Abid
What: i m helper for Yasin
Where: Kuwait belongs to guranwalal Pakistan
Hi all

Let me introduce myself

Who: I am buyie
What- Canon EOS 40D
Where-Selangor, Malaysia
red year [deleted] 9 years ago
- Who - Me llamo Mónica
- What - Panasonic DMC-LS70
- Where - Soy de Uruguay y me uni al grupo por la invitación de Ali Heero
Who: I'm jiwa
- What: I mainly use a D90, sometime holga120GN, Vivitar uws, Fisheye2
- Where: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Nice to know u all
Hi folks!
Who: I am Celeste M
What: Olympus E-510 and mostly 35mm macro and 70-300mm Zuiko lenses
Where: Long Beach, California USA
who:- I am Muhammad Imran.
what:- doing job on VIVA project here in kuwait
Where:- Pakistan (islamabad)

CAM :- KODAK easy share C913
Mohammadtaqi.com 9 years ago
Who: I'm Mohammed Ashkanani
What: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Where: Kuwait
26sketch (busy) 9 years ago
Hello everybody and thanks for the invitation
"3W" -Simona
- Nikon d40x
- Rome, Italy
Rakhal Cheley 9 years ago
Hello, This is Rakhal Cheley
___Nikon D3 (mainly)
___Bedford, UK (originally from Bangladesh)
Who...Hello, I am John Hardison
What.. Canon 40D and Canon 20D with Canon100-400L lens and others
Where.. On the mile high prairie below Mingus Mountain Near Prescott Arizona
Hello my name is Don. I live in Kansas. I use a Olympus 570 to take my pictures.
A.Temmink-Smith 9 years ago
Who: Anneke
What cam?: Cannon ixux 70 p&s
where: N,Ireland
Talal G 9 years ago
- Who : Talal AlAdwani
- What camera(s) : Canon 450D
- & Where : im originally from Kuwait ( BEST COUNTRY EVER !! ) but i live in Melbourne Australia ( THE SECOND BEST COUNTRY EVER !! :P)
: jaimeclarke : 9 years ago
hello everyone!!

my name is jaime clarke,

i use a nikon d90 and a canon g9,

and i'm from los angeles, california! [but currently in college in chicago]
gmcdonald008 9 years ago
-where;huntly aberdeenshire scotland.
-Thanks for the invite
Alper Design 9 years ago
Who: Alper
- What: I mainly use my Nikon D5000 with Nikkor 18-55mm kit lens
but when I go out to party or stuff i got my panasonic lumix dmc tz3
- Where: I am from Turkey but grew up in Germany and now living/working in Vienna, Austria.

Thanks for the invite and pls check out my stream..
frozencycler 9 years ago
who: Fabio
Where : Pietra Ligure Italia
what : all the beautiful things that i like!!!
Welcome All here
Accept a Huge hug from me To all Friends
Hopes i will complete all the Maintains of my Group and then start regular Comments here !!!
Need ur Support guise
- Who: Simona
- What: Canon 5D Mark II
- Where: Toronto, Canada
zairulliza 9 years ago
who : zairulliza
what : sony alpha 300
where : Malaysia

Thanks for the invitation
DAJanzen PRO 9 years ago
Hello all...

- Who: Dale Janzen
- What camera: Nikon D200 (so far) and a couple of Nikkor lenses
- & Where: Chicago area... born in Canada (still Canadian citizen)

Thanks for the invitation.
Welcome DAJanzen
- Who: I'm Jemma :)
- What camera: Fujifilm Finepix S6500fd
- & Where: Newcastle, in North East England :D

+30 Alexis Posted 9 years ago. Edited by +30 Alexis (member) 9 years ago
Hello my name is Alexis and I am from Athens Greece...
I am addicted to photography, analog photography, for as long as I can remember. I have more than one camera...Zenit-E, Lubitel2, PolaroidSX70, FED2...
A great huge thanks to ©sammie for the invitation!
Welcome dear friends
Raspberry_Beret 9 years ago
Who: Lauren
What: Sony DSC-W300
Where: Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Hi there
Who: Chris, working in UK manufacturing engineering (Quality Assurance role)
What: Nikon D40, D80 and D5000, Fuji S5 pro (and a whole load of compact digis of various manufacture)
Where: Surrey-Hampshire borders in the UK. Lived in South-East England all my life
Jeremy R. Isaacson PRO 9 years ago
Jeremy Isaacson
Canon Rebel XTi
Warren Michigan
Caitlin Helms 9 years ago
hey hey..
who: Caitlin
what: Nikon D300 and Canon AE-1 Program
where: Carlsbad, CA
dark shade [deleted] 9 years ago
Who: Ben
What: Nikon D70
Were: Keene, New Hampshire
ƎƦɬƇẪ☮ 9 years ago
Hello there, my name is Erica and I
currently own a Nikon D40 and a Polaroid =)
I live in the USA, (North America) State: California.
brant.power 9 years ago
I'R Brant, I own a Canon 40D but I shoot a lot with a Mamiya RZ (film 120 Chrome, which is also 6x7cm format in case anyone didn't know) and a Sinar view camera (film 4x5" chrome) . I'R located in Georgia (state, not the country).
Ana Zuniga :) 9 years ago
who- my name is Ana
where- & i use a small Olympus point and shoot
where- nyc, new york but currently living in miami, florida
ahbasit 9 years ago
Welcome all!
****deleted*** 9 years ago
- Who: I'm Azoimz or Azim Safwan
- What: I use my Canon EOS 450D
- Where: Brunei Darussalam, South East Asia.
angad.tiwana 9 years ago
-Who : Angad Tiwana
- What : Sony Alpha A 200
-Where : Antwerp Belgium
Chandigarh,bangalore,Goa India
sammiecaine 9 years ago
Hi everyone! Glad you're all joining and contributing to the discussions.

Head on over to the contest thread to vote for your favourite image!
g.o.howell 9 years ago
Hello folks,
My name is Glenn Howell. I use Nikon digital and film cameras. I also use Canon digital and film cameras. Also Mamiya, Zeiss Ikon, Argus and other vintage cameras. I am from Steubenville, Ohio and now live in Warrenton Virginia, U.S.A. It is good to be a part of your group.
A U D E 9 years ago
- Who: I'm Patricio Mercado a.k.a AUDE
- What: I mainly use a Canon XT.
- Where: I'm from La Serena City, Chile. :)
Alina Marie. 9 years ago
hi there :)

-who: i'm Alina, i'm 15 years old
-what: i use a Nikon D40
-where: Florida

who: my name's Jesica 14 years old...
what: well actually... i don't have my own camera cause we're not that rich... i usually just use the family's camera and my friends'...:)
where: Philippines!!!!!
iquanyin 9 years ago
hi. i'm iquanyin. i use a first-gen iphone. honolulu's my home but right now i'm in oregon, so most of the photos i add are from ashland (my current location) and eugene (where i was from christmas till june). i'll be back to the island soon.
comfortable discovery [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by comfortable discovery (member) 9 years ago
I am Hassen, Tunisian living in the U.S.A.
I express myself bravely and passionately, through photos and words...
sammiecaine 9 years ago
Hello to you all! :)

Have fun in the group, contintue to contribute to the pool and make sure to enter to November contest! The theme is 'dark' as chosen by October's winner: Celeste M.

Have a great day all!!
labrujy PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by labrujy (member) 9 years ago

who: Laura
what: Canon40D mainly, Olympus Trip film camera, pinhole camera..
where: London now ..
super frame [deleted] 9 years ago

who: just call me vicky shazam.

what: mostly nikon d40! loll and i use a canon ae-1 film camera, but do not have any developed photographs up yet. soon though!

where: new orleans,louisiana.
sammiecaine 9 years ago
Woo! Nikon D40. That means you're an awesome person. :)
tiwiq 9 years ago
Hi ...
My name is Tiwi Ramadhan.
i come from Surabaya, Indonesia.
i use Canon.

im still learning about photography.

Welcome Tiwi
sammiecaine 9 years ago
Yes, welcome!
successful dogs [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi, my name is Aaron. I shoot with the Canon range, anything from the 450-1D mark iv. I am based out of Anchorage, Alaska but I am currently working in Moscow.
little club [deleted] 9 years ago
Cory Hale
Canon 450D
Akron, Ohio
Juicetavo 9 years ago
Gustavo A.
Canon 7D
orginally Chile, currently in France
sammiecaine 9 years ago
Welcome to Best People On Flickr!
Have fun! Vote on the competition for the winner!
J.M.Soto. 9 years ago
I use canon 50d sigma lens 18mm-200mm
orginally from Puerto Rico raised up in New York
now living in Oregon
matt.matt2009 8 years ago
Hello =D

I am Matt
I am from IL, USA

SJMImages 8 years ago
Who: Hi everybody I am Susie

What: I use a fujifilm s6500 only started about 4 months getting into this hobbie and having a ball, enjoying making New friends

Where: I live in a small village called Dairsie, in Scotland

Thanks for the invitation.
Alper Design 8 years ago
hi theree..

i am alper and live in vienna..

i use a nikon d5000 and the kit lens 18-55mm.

thx for inviting me to this group.. though its been a while i just came to introduce myself now :D

hope u guys like my pix and comment :)


sammiecaine 8 years ago
Glad to meet you all Matt, Susie and Alper.
I hope you have a good time as part of this group and contribute to the different things going on!
super m a r i o! 8 years ago
Who- Mario Jaimes
What camera- Nikon Coolpix L20
Where-USA, California
dittma_d 8 years ago
- Who: I'm Dirk...
- What: I mainly use a Canon EOS 450d (aka EOS Kiss X2 or EOS Digital Rebel XSi).
- Where: Hamburg, Germany
fluttering guide [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by fluttering guide (member) 8 years ago
Who I am? Sam Paez

What I use? Nikon L20.

Where? San Diego, CA, U.S.- Tijuana, B.C., Mex.
sammiecaine 8 years ago
Welcome all three of you! Take your time to contribute to the group.
mauissimo! 8 years ago
Hi!!!! I am Maurizio from Italy, I use a Canon Powershot SX 200 IS :)
absorbed join [deleted] 8 years ago
Hello all!!

- Who: Earl
- What: Canon Rebel XS
- Where: Rockford, IL
martin henriz PRO 8 years ago
- Who: Martin
- What: Nikon D80, 18-200
- Where: Lund, Sweden
simonGman PRO 8 years ago

Who: Simon
What- Canon EOS 1DmlIIn used mainly also have an iPhone
Where-Blackpool, England,UK
kayla.wren 8 years ago
Who- Kayla
What- Canon, pentax K100
Where- Newcastle, UK
joeppo Posted 7 years ago. Edited by joeppo (member) 7 years ago
Who: Knows? Joe or something... Ello!
What: My humble mobile phone...
Why?: www.LDNGraffiti.co.uk
Michelle Damas 7 years ago
Who: Michelle Damas
What: canon 7D
Where: south bay, California
Hello, My name is Joe Cashin I am from Ireland. I will be adding some pictures to the group from time to time.
Happy 2012 to all members.
Joe Cashin
G52cube 6 years ago
Who: Sev
Nikon D7000
Orange, California
successful dogs [deleted] 6 years ago
My name is Aaron Hall Cain, I am a commercial photographer specializing in portraits.
I'm based out of Anchorage, Alaska & Los Angeles, California.
I shoot a Canon 1Ds III & 1Dx as my 35mm workhorses, Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii D with the 33 & 80 backs for medium format and a Leica M9 for miscellaneous 35mm works and personal projects.

Cheers Everyone.
Ivensen 6 years ago
Hey I am Tatiana, 18, amateur photographer, do film and digital, shoot on anything but have a canon 450d and a lens 17 to 135. I am Russian but i've been studying in Switzerland for the past few years. i post my best best shots on flickr. i don't like photo-sessions etc, i like candids, and landscapes occasionally
check out my pictures you won't regret it
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