RenateEurope PRO 7:23pm, 9 December 2012
Please know that photos I posted to this group linked to the above site without my permit.
I found it by searching for copyright violations.
See the link yourself:
And I found many other photos posted in this group.
Any explain?
P^2 - Paul 5 years ago
How is it a copyright violation? You've posted it in a public place. That site is simply pointing peoples browsers right to your image hosted on Flickr. That's how the internet works.

They don't claim it's theirs, they credit you explicitly. If you don't want people to link to your web content, don't put it on the web.
P^2 - Paul 5 years ago
btw: why are you promoting supporting instead of linking directly to the purported offending site? Are you getting advertising revenue from them?
-ytf- PRO 5 years ago
If you are in doubt about the site, write to Flickr administration. If the site is in violation of Flickr TOS, they can deal with it. As Paul says, however, they seem to be doing nothing out of the ordinary. If their actions bother you, don't post photos on the internet. The copyright warning and allusion to your right of privacy in your profile, like the "trending" verbiage that has been making the rounds on facebook carries about as much weight as a soggy paper bag. I have met Big Brother . . . he is us.
Keith Turrill [deleted] 5 years ago
I don't worry to much about linking since the images remain under my control and have a nice watermark.

Just for a joke, if you have a pro account you can replace the photo with a different image without changing the URL. Somebody from the NYPD once linked one of my photos to a derogatory comment so I replaced the photo with a picture of a pig at a state fair.
moved to [deleted] 5 years ago
f you have a pro account you can replace the photo with a different image
When you set a photo to private & later back to public, you also break the link used in many of those blogs. Works for free & pro accounts.
Still, there are many sites using flickr and other sources to decorate their pseudo-blogs so they get views & clicks on the ads they sell alongside the content they leach off other sites
RenateEurope PRO 5 years ago
Thanks Paul and the other members for your replies.
So well, I have a pro account and the photos are public on flickr , but not available for copy etc pp or for linking them to any other site with ads and text around which I cannot control.
Copyright info is on my profile, and its written too: ..."images and text may not be reproduced or transmitted electronically or mechanically without my permission..." People who want do this must ask first.
Its a personal decision for everybody ...
P^2 - Paul 5 years ago
Several points:
1. This link you provide is not actually the offending page. You are providing a link to an ad server which, in turn, redirects to the purported offending page. For those who want to view the offending web page without giving any ad revenue, or without disabling their adblocker (like me):

2. Flickr's community guidelines ( ) state:
Flickr makes it possible to post content hosted on Flickr to other web sites. However, pages on other web sites that display content hosted on must provide a link from each photo or video back to its page on Flickr. This provides a way to get more information about the content and the photographer.

3. That blog page does not copy the photo, does not host the photo, does not claim it is theirs, but links to your photo's public page, plus provides a link to your photostream, more than satisfying the Flickr community guideline, even though the blog does not have to (being not necessarily part of the Flickr community.)

Do you consider this usage different from a Flickr member favoriting the photo? Or putting it in a Flickr gallery? Other than the friendly Flickr notification you get, there is no difference.

Posting something to a public web page is permission to link to it. That's what the web is. Don't like that, post it somewhere that puts a wall up. You can do that right here on flickr by changing your permissions, but you won't reach as large an audience. As you said, it's a personal decision... go ahead and make it.
P^2 - Paul 5 years ago
All that said, I feel the low-lifes that create automated blogs (like that), that simply scrape other web content, are worthless subhumans who defecate in the pool, and should have their internet connection severed at the cervical vertebrae.
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