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  • STICKY  The thread of second chances?

    I seem to recall there being such a thread at one time. Either it's gone, or my ...

    trash-star7 months ago8 replies

  • STICKY  No Sunset and Sunrise Images

    As a reminder, this group is purely devoted to nighttime images. We've been gett...

    Rob Langston13 months ago63 replies

  • STICKY  Removing and reposting images

    Please take the time to read the rules pertaining to removing and reposting your...

    indykaleu26 months ago2 replies

  • Saying hello

    I'm new in photography. Hope everyone enjoy.

    hau.kelvin3 days ago1 replies

  • Removed post

    Delighted to see all the great pics In here. Even more delighted to have a pic...

    Snorre t.2 weeks ago2 replies

  • Does anyone else has problems in uploading

    Hi this is the second day i can't upload any photos to this group, it is keep sa...

    Tania Carapetian2 months ago2 replies

  • Favorite night image?

    What has been your favorite night image that you have posted?

    mgymnast1232 months ago7 replies

  • 2014 Light Painting Olympics

    The 2014 Light Painting Olympics has been set up and will begin on Feb 3rd when ...

    BlaisOne3 months ago0 replies

  • Just Saying Hello

    Hey guys, Had the opportunity to go out to Tucson for a little. Picked up an int...

    A. Hwang Photos3 months ago1 replies

  • new here

    Hey all, Im new to flickr (fairly novice to photography itself too) and this gro...

    dbazinet19823 months ago2 replies

  • Prendre des éclairs la nuit/ take lightning the night

    Hello, I will like take lightning the night. How do you take lightning in the ni...

    Manon et Alexis photography3 months ago1 replies

  • Researching a night location

    I'm thinking about how I can better prepare myself for night photography. I alw...

    rschurchill5 months ago6 replies

  • night panaromic

    the light festive@dipaboli at India photo taken by mobile cam tells dipaboli night's charm. Jayita Mallick fro...

    jayfuzzy20136 months ago0 replies

  • What types of night images are your favourite?

    Which do we prefer... -Long exposure -Flash photography -Light Painting -L...

    _Enigmatic_16 months ago24 replies

  • New guy here

    I'm a newcomer to this group and just posted a photo that will be available to s...

    srahman09247 months ago1 replies

  • Amazing Night Art

    I would love to be this amazing at Night Photography

    THawkPhoto7 months ago0 replies

  • Interested in helping a fellow photographer?

    Hi Everyone, My name is Ashley Campbell, I am a young photographer, and I am n...

    AshleyIsStupid7 months ago2 replies

  • short exposure

    I'd like to get some tips and knowledge! It seems I end up at open air night pa...

    filmiesteetika8 months ago3 replies

  • No photos in group, but will not let me add.

    I've tried to add photos to this group, but I keep getting a message that I alre...

    Stephen Hoppe8 months ago1 replies

  • New icon

    uh ... what is it?

    Joey Harrison8 months ago9 replies

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