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Tulip_abcd 6:47pm, 3 April 2011
I have perused the pictures and read through the posts and I have noticed that many photographers are posting pics to the group without adding an explanation as to how they accomplished the shot.

I have heard of people doing the shot as a composite, actually hanging the baby and keeping the baby on the ground and pulling the fabric to create the illusion of a hanging baby.

What is the best way?
If you actually hang baby how do you keep them in the sling and balanced so their little heads don't slump and their face can be seen?
Tulip_abcd 6 years ago
I did this one but it was really hard to get her little head to stay up and still see her face. I laid her down, tied the sling (cheesecloth) and hooked it to the scale hoot. Grandma slowly lifted her until she was about two inches off the ground. It took a couple tries but finally I got her snuggled in the sling where I could see her face and stuff. Still not 00% happy with it, but it was my first time I guess I can't complain.
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