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Eric's 47 says:

Im thinking about purchasing a stage IV IFS kit from fat man fabrications.. Any good or bad comments would be helpful
5:39PM, 13 August 2009 PDT (permalink)

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DirtyHerri says:

I've heard a lot of good about Fatman IFS. Same for the TCI IFS kit.

I purchased a TCI IFS kit for the 1962 Ford F100 Hot Rod, I am building. It all looks very nice. It's not a hard install if you have a good welder, a bit of skill, and take your time to measure carefully. I have mine all welded in and I am working on boxing the frame all the way to back the rear suspension. I've install the TCI 4-link rear also. Looks very nice too.

I haven't driven the '62 with TCI IFS, yet. Though I am dying to when it's done. The same TCI kit for the '62 can go into a '47 Ford 1/2 ton with a bit of modification to box plates. At least that's what I was told my the hot rod shop I bought my kit from. If I like the TCI in the '62, my '47 Ford 1/2 is probably getting the same.

Good luck.
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