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Brand new to the Leica III? Here's a great quick video on YouTube to give you a brief tour of the operations of your camera.


  • IIIa questions, tips, & tricks?

    I posted this in the screw mount leica group, but just in case there are people ...

    Kent Kercher2 months ago0 replies

  • Most used lens?

    What's your most used lens on a Leica III? I tend to prefer the Voigtländer c...

    driesvandenelzen4 months ago13 replies

  • Meter or not?

    A happy IIIf user here wondering how many use a light meter when shooting your L...

    mori19127 months ago7 replies

  • Recent Cleanup

    Hi all First and foremost I want to thank you all for your fabulous contributio...

    sj.hippie19 months ago2 replies

  • Leica Serial Numbers and Years Produced

    This is a fabulous list developed by Stephen Gandy.

    sj.hippie23 months ago16 replies

  • Jupiter lenses- any good on a Leica 111f?

    Hello I have just bought and am waiting for my 111f. I have been using a...

    Snapper-UK25 months ago0 replies

  • Loading your Leica III

    I was really happy when I first found this page on how to load my Leica. I had a...

    sj.hippie26 months ago10 replies

  • Rangefinder alignment

    Is it possible for the rangefinder to be spot on at near to 8ft and be way out o...

    **Geoff*41 months ago1 replies

  • Leica or Zorki?

    The seller told me that it was a Soviet copy of the Leica III. "Really?" I aske...

    Linc ~44 months ago1 replies

  • I couldn't help but notice....

    There are a LOT of shots in this pool which were not taken with a Leica III or e...

    **Geoff*45 months ago1 replies

  • Leica II take up spool

    Hey Guys, I just received a Leica II, looks superb and seems to be working OK...

    Rsphoto.nl48 months ago0 replies

  • Focusing Leica iiia

    I have just bought mine and ran one roll of film through it. I did not get on...

    King....50 months ago5 replies

  • Freshly purchased Leica III

    So I stumbled upon a Leica iii today... Serial number 111631 Looking for r...

    **Geoff*51 months ago7 replies

  • Welcome!

    Hi! If you stumbled upon this group searching for Leica III material and pho...

    sj.hippie68 months ago2 replies

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