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Welcome grunts! I can't wait to see what TransformaTank variations you have created!

But before you begin, remember that the limit is 1 (one) phot per TransformaTank. Your next step is to direct yourself to the model breakdown by clicking on the image below.

*New* Please head over to the moderator recruitment thread, it's mandatory.

Please remember to credit me (the original builder) in your description. If you don't wish to link to the original MOC at least credit me.


  • where do you get tank treads?

    just wondering... /:

    the holy moly212ages ago2 replies

  • How does one start a fad?

    This may seem to be a very stupid question... :p I've been thinking up this n...

    r a p h yages ago1 replies

  • тransformaтank: Looking Back

    This fad has been dead for a month or so, now looking back on it, what do you th...

    Zeessiages ago3 replies

  • help

    im working on a couple transformatanks and i need help in the front with the che...

    K. Jewellages ago6 replies

  • Movies

    I'm going to make a movie with Transformatanks making war, I need people to post...

    K. Jewellages ago11 replies

  • Other variants

    Wouldn't a large scale transformatank be cool?

    The Slushey Oneages ago11 replies

  • How do you type " тransformaтank"?

    I know it has to do with keyboard short-cuts but which ones? (I copied and paste...

    [Dablackcat]ages ago7 replies

  • Moderator Recruitment Thread. (Mandatory Read)

    Hello Grunts, this is your admin speaking; BrickArt!san. We are inquiring as ...

    Baipinages ago19 replies

  • This is probably obvious...

    But what wheels do you use for the basic two-leg tread design? Thanks ~Five

    encouraging linenages ago4 replies

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