Photoshop CS2

Rebrunner 11:17pm, 11 July 2010
Does anybody know if the Camera RAW plug-in for the FZ35 will work in Photoshop CS2? It is only shown as being used in CS6. Is it compatible with CS2?
Rebrunner, i have same problem. I search on google and figured out that the RAW format of Panasonic is RW2, and Photoshop don't read this format. It appears that are a plugin to install to solve this problem. But I don't find it yet, and don't know if really works.

Anyone know something about it? Rebrunner and I appreciate your help.

Ra Moyano 7 years ago
I have photoshop CS4 and when i installed this plugin it worked for me. You should try, maybe it works on CS2. If not, upgrade your photoshop version and it will work.

Download link:
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