o'casieg 2:10pm, 5 March 2010
I posted a photo of this stone which is in the road and has been tarmaced around,nobody seems to know how it got there ????. Any ideas, casey
None at the moment, but if anyone knows my father will know. He's in England & netless at the moment, but he's due back at the begining of the week so I'll ask him then. :o)
holystone Dingle Co Kerry by o'casieg

For anyone else who might be able to get the answer before me.
Wow! Amazing!!
Sorry, no joy. He thought it was a lump of coal. ;oP

Maybe try asking in the Ireland group. They're a bunch of know it alls over there. lol
No seriously there might be someone there who knows.

o'casieg 8 years ago
Just arrived home from magic holiday in dingle, only information i could get was that holystone was pulled onto road to build house and no one bothered to move it any further !!!
maggyb74 8 years ago
This is know as “The Holy Stone” and is just outside the door of my family's house in Dingle, (also known as The Holy Stone or Foley’s Holy Stone).

It was probably deposited by retreating glaciers and has pre- Bronze Age markings and depressions on it. It was more than likely used as a market stone and the depressions were used to grind small amounts of grain for sale.

During the penal times it was used as a place to leave messages for the priests who would hide in the hills and come down “Chapel Lane” which runs adjacent to the house to “read” them. For instance, sand in the depressions meant it was safe to say Mass on the strand/beach.

These days it appears to be a place to leave your empty pint glass on a bank holiday weekend!

It is interesting to note that when they ran the new gutter lines on Upper Main Street, they chose to dig around the stone rather than move it. Superstition? And, people do dip their fingers in the water and then cross themselves.

Also, my mother had a random guy dressed like a Druid come by and ask her if she had removed the ruins he cast on the stone last Samhain!

Anyway, that is the story as I have heard it and the house has been in my family for generations. Hope this helps!
WoW, thank you so much for this explanation Maggy. So interesting. I love the idea of the priests 'reading' the signs left on it.
Did the Druid ever find his ruins? lol
dinglepeninsula Posted 7 years ago. Edited by dinglepeninsula (member) 7 years ago
Here is a more update picture of the Holy Stone
Holy Stone by dinglepeninsula

In the tourist information of the town it states "Goat Street, site of the Holy Stone (named after the holes
used for grinding corn)"
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