Yupa-sama 3:01pm, 5 August 2009
On another thread, FortuneCookie asked:

"Would an Orange County LUG be redundant? Looking at the Roster, there's already Sand LUG and LUGOLA. Each is it's own county, but we are within 'fairly' easy driving distance."

I moved the discussion over here to avoid cluttering up the other thread.
Yupa-sama 9 years ago
If there is demand, go for it. I'm in San Diego and have no problem with a "rival" LUG starting up. Many of the best areas (the Low Countries, Ontario Canada, and the US mid-Atlantic states) for lugging have very high concentrations of LUGs. Competition does not seem to hurt in the LUG community.

The main challenge may be that SandLUG, LUGOLA, and SCLTC are very active, so many people may already quite happy with their LUG experiences. Like I said, if there's demand for it, do it and I know nobody from SandLUG would have any hard feelings.
rabidnovaracer 9 years ago
There are a few of us in Orange County that are fairly active in both LUGOLA: Paul Lee, Thomas Mueller, Tiffeny, Dali Zheng as well as myself. We may have enough people to start our own LUG....

SoundWavePanda 9 years ago
I already have a SocaLUG, I created that before I knew about LUGOLA and SandLUG, so it has a bit of a broad scope. I was thinking of just Changing that to OCLUG or what ever we choose.

If the idea was shot down, I would terminate the group.
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