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Yupa-sama is a group administrator Yupa-sama says:

LUG activity ideas, rules and questions.
8:09AM, 8 July 2009 PDT (permalink)

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lights says:

One-Handed Speed Build
I introduced this variation on the Speed Build class of games at a recent LUGOLA meeting:

1- Everyone participating is seated with a copy of a set in front of them
2- With one hand behind the back, under the butt, or otherwise removed from the field of play, the players start building the assigned set/model when the timer starts
3- First to finish building the model wins

-Depending on the set, you may have to have the container opened already. For example, normal boxes are (comparatively) easy to open one-handed. The current Creator containers are not. We slit the labels on all the containers and let the players pop the lids open themselves from that point.
-Are contestants allowed to use their one good hand to build against their chest? With their mouth? Your rules may vary.
-We played two heats of builders, with the top two from each heat going on to a final round, where the champion won a copy of the set we were using. Again, your rules and matchups may vary.

I really liked this game. It was great fun to twist up the traditional speed build, and I think everyone involved found it an interesting challenge.
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Garth Danielson says:

I've been reading the LUG columns on BB. We do similar things in the two groups that I attend regular meets of...TwinLUG and TCLUG. Parts draws we call them here in the midwest. We show off our new stuff, sometimes parts get traded or sold but not too often.

Some of us bring snacks. I always try to bring cookies or some candy. I bring carrot sticks too but hardly anyone eats them.

The two groups are some what different. TwinLUG, newer and more active and TCLUG, older and more laid back. TwinLUG meets in a library meeting room 1:30 - 4pm and TCLUG meets at the same guys house 1-5pm. We go to eat dinner, sometimes, at TwinLUG but not at TCLUG
At TwinLUG we did a part trading game once with dradels. You bet parts you don't want or have and everyone one rolls - winner takes the parts. Esthere Walner brought that to the group and I'm sorry to say we haven't done it since the first time. It was a fun game and I'm not a big game playing guy. Sometimes it's hard to get people to part with their parts. We might need them.

TwinLUG has had a couple of Christmas time gift swaps, which I think is called dirty brickster. wrap the gift, pick the gift, steal the gift from someone else if it looks good. keep going until the last gift is opened. there are better instructions online.

TwinLUG is a group with more involvement in shows and the like. We created Micropolis. Max Braun (bisonfuhrer) came with the first module lacking the roads, those were soon added and the rest of the standard worked out. Less than a year later an award winning group build at BrickWorld 2009. Sorry, just had to brag. The day to day is that's a great group build. Lots of oppertunity to make some fun modules and the ideas keep on coming. Combines city, farm, landscaping, etc into one activity. Microscale means the parts usage is low per module. Of course once the city grows so do your parts being tied up in something that's on going.

I gotta head for work. Check out some of the other threads later.

see ya.
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notenoughbricks says:

I am not in a LUG as there are none in my area but I am loving this thread so far. Please continue sharing LUG activities so that us non luggers can live through them!
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Yupa-sama is a group administrator Yupa-sama says:

DRAFT (aka Parts Draw):
1. Enough boxes of a particular set for everybody ($10-$30 value)
2. Everyone participating buys a set
3. Open everything up and sort by piece and color (bring lots of cups, trays and baggies)
4. Determine an order for picking (SandLUG uses matching pairs of colored 1x1 bricks, we each pick a color and the matching brick is thrown into a hat and randomly withdrawn to select the order)
5. Everyone goes around in order and picks a particular pile of pieces until you run out
6. You keep the bricks you pick.

There are variations, like guessing what the very last piece will be and the correct guesser gets to keep it (crappy reward!) and also some LUGs go in reverse order during the very last round, so those who were last shall be first sort of thing.
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Vittorio Milanes says:

Thanks for sharing activity ideas! I agree with notenoughbricks.
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Yupa-sama is a group administrator Yupa-sama says:

Garth mentioned DIRTY BRICKSTER, but I'll go into a little more detail. For those familiar with white elephant exchanges, this will be very familiar.

1. Everybody who wants to participate brings an unwanted LEGO-related item. Anything, as long as it's LEGO. Be creative.
2. Have it wrapped ahead of time to conceal the exact nature of the item.
3. Place the items on the floor or a table together and everyone gather round. (We recently used a pickup truck tailgate)
4. Pick an order.
5. One at a time and in order, begin picking gifts from the selection and opening them.
6. Everyone after the 1st person has the option of either picking an unopened package or being a "dirty brickster" by stealing someone else's item. Make sure everyone calls out "Dirty Brickster!" when the theft occurs, for maximum silliness.
7. If the item you selected is taken, you have the option of stealing from someone else, or opening a new item.
8. The group agrees on a limited number of times a particular item can be stolen (usually 3-5) and after that the item is "locked." Place it out of sight to avoid confusing the people who are selecting.
9. If you have an opened, unlocked item, you must keep it visible for the person who is selecting. No hiding it just because you like it!
10. Keep going until all the items have been selected and opened.

The last time SandLUG did this, it started off as very pedestrian, but as a couple great sets, a stack of old idea books, a marker-size stack of silver bricks and a few other items entered the pool, there was a lot of fun stealing back and forth going on.
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monsterbrick says:

At the next meet I am going to hide some easter eggs filled with bricks...shhh, it is a secret.
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Obxcrew [deleted] says:

I just did my first parts draft yesterday - it was a blast. I got Mola Ram!
86 months ago (permalink)

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Puddleglum- says:

With parts drafts, do you ever split lots up into two if they are especially large, relative to the other lots?
86 months ago (permalink)

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Yupa-sama is a group administrator Yupa-sama says:

^ Yeah, we did that with tires when we had two Speed Racer sets as our draft (4 cars x 4 tires x 15-20 people drafting = a butt-load of tires). We also do that with matching halves like wing plates. We match and split them. It's really up to the individual LUG though.
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plums_deify says:

101 Challenge:

Anyone who wants to particpate puts together a group of 101 bricks they think are the most useful, ala what bricks you'd want to be stuck with on a desert island.

Once you've got your participants, you can either build with your own 101 bricks, or switch around those playing. One person not building picks themes, which the builders then have to create using ONLY their 101 bricks.

The winner as judged by spectators gets to lead the activity next time, and think of the new prompts.

It's actually pretty fun to watch!
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Guss De Blöd says:

we had new ( stupid ) activities during the Freelug summer meeting :

the "bull train"

the rules are here (in french ) : freelug.org/article.php3?id_article=933
It's quite simple, you must kill minifigs with a train that can pass points. ( max : 48studs long, 8 wide and 1kg )

I won at this game, that was funny !

A second activity is the :

"sugar throwing with catapult"

, the goal is to throw a little square sugar in a cup of coffee with a dwarf catapult ^^
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Bruno Vaiano says:

We have this game in all the LugBrazil Meetings:

Everyone buys an Impulse set

The players open the boxs, but not the small polybag that the Impulse come in.

We must all build the set inside the plastic polybag.

Who builds the set inside the bag in the lowest time wins!

Our last year´s Ambassador builds an impulse inside the polybag in 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds!
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Yupa-sama is a group administrator Yupa-sama says:

Brian Heins of SandLUG (and new LLC model designer), comes up with a lot of LEGO game ideas, but for the first time brought a real hit to our meeting on 7/25/09 (he was the first to admit it was his first real hit). I don't remember what he called it, but I'll call it:

3-8 players
Supplies: A good variety of About 100-150 LEGO building elements (Not minifigs. 1x1 round bricks are also discouraged because they roll away).
A deck of cards from which any one card will give two numbers. We used cards from the game "Blink!," which have several geometric shapes on each card. We used the number of symbols on the card to represent one number, and the number of exterior sides/lines on the geometric shape to represent the other number for example a card with two triangles gives you a 2 and a 3. Use whatever cards you want, but it helps to have to do some initial deciphering.

1. Each player picks out 10 elements from the pool, using some sort of fair order.
2. You can vary the difficulty for children, non-builders and veterans by adding or subtracting advanced elements.
3. The objective is to build as fast as possible something that uses one number to represent the number of elements used and the other to represent the number of studs showing. Using the example of 2 and 3 from above: either 3 elements with 2 studs showing, or 2 elements with 3 studs showing.
4. You can use all kinds of different combinations and approaches from whichever clever direction you want. For example a 2x2 plate witha cheese slope on top, a 1x3 plate witha 1x1 brick underneath, or even a 2x3 brick with 2x2 round dome on top with an antenna on top of that (3 elements, 2 studs showing).
5. The fastest builder gets to keep the card as a way of keeping score. In the event of a tie, the rest of the players decide on a winner by concensus based on which creation is most aesthetically pleasing. (odd # of players help)
6. In the instance of using the Blink! cards, one of the cards has a star with 10 sides, and whoever managed to actually use all 10 of their elements (with appropriate # of studs showing) before everybody else finished (even if not first), can swap out one of their elements with something from another player (stealing a useful 2x4 brick and giving them a duplicate cheese slope for example)

It was a lot of fun and fast-paced once everybody had the initial rules down. It's all a matter of deciphering the card quickly and smart use/organization of your elements. I'm not sure my explanation did justice, so feel free to ask any questions.
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