Aunt Beverly 6:40pm, 18 July 2009
Sometimes I love to dress as a Mature Women. I would love to hear about others who share my feelings. Only tasteful storys please.
rachaelp30 9 years ago
Oh me too Lynn, I love the classic femme style of the more mature lady.

angelacd_nh [deleted] 9 years ago
Lynne, YES!! I recently bought an auburn wig and classic 60' undergarments (girdle, stockings, etc.) and 60's dresses. I must admit that I look like my late mother did back then. She was my inspiration. I'll post pics as soon as possible!! The blue shadow and mascara goes a long way! LOL!
Aunt Beverly 9 years ago
Hi Angela,
It's so nice to be able to dress as another Women! Wearing her own clothes whenever possible. I look forward to seeing you dressed as your own Mother.
jojowarwicke 9 years ago
I totally agree with you Lynn.
There is nothing nicer than having a totally different look.As much as I like to look as trendy as the next woman,there is something about a nice grey hairstyle,pleated skirt,nice blouse that makes me look different from the rest!
Good to know that others feel the same!

karenleppek 8 years ago
I go in stages from trying to look 30 to being a mature woman, love that housewife look
permedvera 8 years ago
I for one now only dress like an older lady and I just love it. I of course could dress younger but I have come to prefer the style of mature women. I love my permed gray hair and wearing those girdles under my vintage dresses is simply too much fun to do any thing else!
Davina-W [deleted] 8 years ago
I am going to create an older alter ego next year.I usually look about 40 ish,but i will be aiming to look about 70.I don't know why but the idea has always excited me.
Aunt Beverly 8 years ago
That would be great Davina. I look forward to seeing you dressed as an older mature Women.
trisha 254 8 years ago
Lynn ,,,, I also love to dress as a mature woman ,the styles are so must more feminine and when dressed i feel and act as a mature lady, this is not to take away from the younger gals out there as there time will come soon enought .

bobbiwill1258 8 years ago
Being from the age group i am,mature looking is all i've got. So a day without dressing is a day that's depressing.
gentleman1949 8 years ago
Hi. My name is Ed. I am a 60 year old white married male. A number of years ago before my mother-in-law, whom I considered a BBW passed away I used to try on her 44D Bra, Pantygirdle, Nylons, Heels, and Slip. She was about 30 years older then I. This happened about 15 years ago when I was 45, which made her 75. I loved dressing up in her sexy underthings, and looking like her. I would look like her, becuase i would fill our my Bra Cups with panties and Nylons to create boobs. If alone in her house, I would dress like her and sit in the living room or step out on her back porch for a minute. Afterwards i would get so hard and horny that I would have to masturbate while still wearing some of her things. I adored my mother-in-law, her body, and her underwear. Wished I still had her things to this day so I could wear them and remind me of how sexy she was to me.
lindatvny 8 years ago
I agree with all you girls.
As a "mature woman" (over 60) I fel that dressing and acting the part is the correct thing to do.
After all its so important to be what you realy are.
I always see my mother in me when I am dressed and fid it so exciting to think I would be the daughter she never had.
cdsparky 8 years ago
I love to dress as a house wife when I do the housework. I even want to iron and feel so motherly. I would would love to be a CD house wife.
Lacybabe367 [deleted] 6 years ago
Although I'm crazy about sexy lingerie, I love to wear my lacy frillies underneath knee-length pleated skirts and frumpy blouses in either satin or chiffon. I much prefer tights to stockings, and adore slips of all lengths, whether they're silky or predominantly lacy!
carhill2mn 6 years ago
I really have no choice but to dress as a "mature woman" because I became "mature" many years ago.
Jenny Turner PRO 6 years ago
I am also a mature woman by age. However, as many ladies discover, makeup and the right clothes and hair style can make you look a lot younger. I strive for the more mature look but at times it can be quite difficult. In this modern world I think the ages of women are beginning to merge. At one time an old lady was just that, an old lady. Now, ladies of very mature ages are dressing in wonderful styles, wearing makeup and looking wonderful. It is now much more difficult to find a lady wearing a skirt or dress, they all sem to want to wear trousers. Oh well, if you can't beat them - join them!
linnnjcd 6 years ago
i would like nothing better than to have a sexy mauter girl dressing up for me.....
Lady Eowyn2010 [deleted] 6 years ago
While I suppose I count as 'mature' in years myself, I've always loved the clothes and undies of my mother's generation, even as a teenager - I used to wear her clothes on a regular basis, and she enjoyed sharing them with me - we loved to help one another with nice little details of hair and make-up.

I've noticed that I look increasingly like her as they years go by - and that's a very comforting and reassuring thought!
Katherine8591 [deleted] 6 years ago
It's one of the things that I love about dressing! and that is the different looks we can adopt just by changing our clothes wigs and make up I quite a few items in my wardrobe that I call Mummsy but woulreally like to find a supplier of good quality large sized mature ladies clothing, I dream of owning a lovely pleated tweed skirt and a lovely twin set a string of pearls and a wig that can be put up into a bun!!!
Fi-Fi LeFemme 6 years ago
I enjoy dressing in a broad range of styles and fashion but I must say that there is something very special about dressing as a mature woman! More mature ladies seem to want to put a particula view of themselves on show for public appearances sake and I think it's that we sort of 'tap' into. A while ago though I dressed more fashionably and realised that I looked a lot like one of my aunts from how she looked in the 70's!!
janecd6 [deleted] 6 years ago
I love dressing in the older style clothing as I find them more comfortable and the underwear is so sexy. Nothing like wearing a pair of the older style silky knickers, they feel gorgeous !
Infierno2 6 years ago
I am not a mature woman by age yet but always felt attracted to my grandmother's look and always dreamed to dress in some moment
like she did.
She had a victorian style, long wide skirts, blouses, opaque nylons,
laced thick 2 inches high heel shoes, her wonderful grey hair done high.
I never forget a day I went into her room and saw some her lingerie on bed; black panties, very simple bra, not for rising or incresing, only
for covering her breasts that were saggy and moved like jelly when she
I hope to have my chance to do like her.
Infierno2 6 years ago
I added to Group a pic of me with my dentures out resembling my grandmother Pauline. I needed to wait many years for me to be older and have my one dentures. I always wanted to be like her
Kate Nielsen Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Kate Nielsen (member) 5 months ago
I love to dress in many stilles but my main stilles and the stilles i love best is to dress as a mature housewife with saggie breast grey hair sometimes with curlers. I use 2 inch heels when im dressed mature long skirts or dresses my underwear are black and simple.
I wish i have a real husband.
Gloved Baroness [deleted] 5 years ago
I enjoy dressing to blend and inasmuch as I am mature that is how I dress.
lynne69kc 5 years ago
the question brings back memorys, when I was young, after school I would sneak into my aunt`s apartment and put on her clothes and felt so femme, and it was the first time I was caught wearing lady`s lingerie, if anybody wants to hear that story drop a note it is a little risque for this group maybe Lynne
sophie_scot 5 years ago
my early memories of dressing camew when i stayed at my grannys,there was an aladdins cave of her clothes.twinsets,girdles,corseletes and floral dresses.Perhaps that goes some way to explain why now I have the desire to dress as an elderly woman x
fla221 5 years ago
i love when an older ladey dresses up boe blosses sexey dressesmakes me masterbate overand over i love it
Suzie from CT [deleted] 5 years ago
At age 54, I love to dress as a stylish, mature woman, but not too old...Having lost 40-plus pounds in the last year, I can carry off nice dresses from Chadwicks of Boston or Coldwater Creek; I also love wearing skirt suits. For ne, it's all about being age-appropriate and cozy in my stockings and heels.
CD_Devyani Sharma 5 years ago
I am now 25...and i just want to be a matured lady....a housewife. I love dressing as a modern day young lady of 25-30... I am hooked on female clothes since my early puberty, of course especially underwear.
Over the years I dressed more and more and eventually now I have my own huge collection of dresses, undergarments and stockings, high heel sandals and stilletoes, outfits, wigs, breastforms, makeup and accessories.
My collection of bras exceedes 200 or more and a lot of corsetts are in my wardrobe. I love the tight feling around my body.Nylons stockings around my legs, my feet in high heel stilettos arrouse my and make me happy.
annenicholls 5 years ago
I have always dressed my age from being a child to being an antique and now I have no choice.
novy50 5 years ago

You look very beautiful
msluann_williams 5 years ago
i am certainly "mature" and love to be seen by others as the woman i feel i am and dress to "fit in" so i do dress as a mature woman
MargotV 4 years ago

Yes I really like your mature look, Vera
aunty.june 4 years ago
Luv to dress as an older woman in a delicate blouse and long skirt under which I have on an old-fashioned all-in-one with garters for my stockings, and with cups overflowing with a pair of 42DD breast forms. A pair of nylon panties is under it all Put a grey curly wig on me and a set of pearls and clip-on earrings, and I am in heaven. I just wish there was some way to look like an older woman in flowery one piece bathing suit with humongous tits spilling out from the top.
rollerset 4 years ago
hi, if you dress as yuor aunt you should also wear the good old brush hairrollers,hairnet over it and then under the good old hooddryer.
is that something for you to do?
gr rollerset.
Amanda Glynn 4 years ago
I like to dress my age. Love fashions of 50's and 60's that my mother used to wear. Just want to look like the housewife I am xx
joanne83687 4 years ago
I also dress my age. It's a wonderful feeling.
shirley eugest [deleted] 4 years ago
I was cross dressing fairly regularly in the Quad Cities. I had fun meeting people who didn't know or weren't sure who I might be. I spent one Saturday in Iowa City shopping just before Christmas. I had occasion to need to relieve myself, so I just walked into the women's rest room (they're much cleaner than the mens rooms) and sat down. I do have to say, it's rather difficult getting all the layers in proper order before and after. I felt so good about it, I stopped at the mirror and freshened up my makeup and lipstick. I also had to primp a little with my hair and make sure my clothing was in place. My only mistake was wearing boots with a 2" heel. My toes got very sore (I think the boots were a half size too small). I had a really good time dressing as a mature lady shopper, complete with snow-flake ear rings and lapel pin to match. No one really noticed me, except that I was a little taller than most of the ladies. With boots, 5'10"... and lovely, loosely curled medium blonde hair.
shirley eugest [deleted] 4 years ago

Now that's some housewife look... or the more mature woman?? Great pics... thanks for sharing.
_jerry1944 [deleted] 4 years ago
Hello from Longview, Texas. I am 69y/o, 5'8", 185# looking for a mature Tbride.
sophie_scot 4 years ago
I predominantly dress my age,but more and more I am dressing maturely,I love nothing more than dressing as an elderly lady now it's becoming a huge part of my dressing now
Flirty Fiona [deleted] 4 years ago
you have that perfect classic feminine look Aunt Beverly
charlotte6632 4 years ago
I spend almost all my spare time ''dressed'' as a mature woman, just like all you other ladies. And you all look terrific, I feel the most comfortable dressed in feminine clothing, problem is though I have more ''lady'' clothing than male and storage is becoming a real headache.
julietalyse 4 years ago
I feel more comfortable dressing as a mature lady. The clothes, the colors, the style seem to match my interests more than the elaborate short skirts etc. In addition, this way I can use my grey wigs as well as my non grey wigs. It will be some time till my hair grows out, but then I can have the salon fix my own grey hair in exactly what I want.
Donna Deffondahl [deleted] 2 years ago
I have been struggling with this for years, dressing as my mother in law. I keep coming back to it. I feel so real in her clothes, and prefer the company of mature elderly men.
deedoublehue 2 years ago
When I dress, I AM my mother! My sister, my mother, my sister!
josilverman545 2 years ago
Seeing it was my mother who guided me in my early days it was natural that I would adopt her look. Not that as a teen I dressed as an older woman, but as I matured I unconsciously began seeing my mother in me as well as my aunt who lived with us. They were both huge influences on how I grew as a crossdresser, and I'm thrilled that I look like them today.
girlfortoday [deleted] 2 years ago
I do enjoy the mature woman look wearing classic length and style skirts and trying to mix in with the look older women wear when out shopping etc. This does not mean dressing frumpy but with a bit of style that mature women know will work for them.
Wearing black skirt for trip to shops. by girlfortoday
susan in twin sets [deleted] 2 years ago
even when i was in my teens ( im now 60) i adored the mature housewife look specially twin sets and pearls worn with a smart pleated skirt and thats the way i dress now.
Martha Georgette [deleted] 2 years ago
I often costume as elderly ladies such as Charley's Aunt, an elderly woman of the 1860's and just a plain elderly lady.

I love the look.

I love to dress as a matronly lady or aunt for a costume party.

In the older eras it is so nice to wear a hooped petticoat, a hooped skirt and lacey underwear.

Some of my costumes are included in my pictures.
Jennifer M. White 5 months ago
I dress as a mature woman because at my age (please don’t ask!) that is exactly what I am. There’s no point trying to be younger, it only makes one look foolish and a bit desperate. I love presenting as the woman outside which reflects the woman inside.
marlesau 5 months ago
Ive always modelled myself on a friend of my mothers who was always very fashionable dressed. I knew her during her forties and fifties. When she was coming over to visit, Id always have this sense of excitement and exhilaration (and arousal). She had these gorgeous , naturally long (3 quarter inch) nails (pre keyboard days) and her fingers were covered in jewellery. I always remember the scent of her perfume. Such an exquisite woman!! She told me that she use to wear heels in her younger years but had developed back problems and then just wore flats. Such a shame!!
Luv Marlene
claire_w231 5 months ago
Jennifer M. White:

Exactly jennifer_white, never try to overkill things if you want to be accepted.
fatpadder 5 months ago
I too enjoy dressing up as a eldery woman. I am glad to understand that their are others who also enjoy dressing up eldery. I am 36 who enjoys dressing up as a 85-105 year old. The older the better.
colourmannn 4 months ago
My crossdressing and the love of women go hand in hand. I love mature ladies and enjoy dressing as a mature woman.
Scarves and Veils 4 months ago
I'm kinda busy turning myself into an elderly lady from the 1980s. Not that fashionable 80s, but more the common people next door 80s. I'm specifically looking for vintage clothes and accessoires from the era that would make me look old.
I can't exactly say why, but at the moment, it feels right to me.
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