meligrosa 4:45am, 12 January 2010
Hello everybody.

Every week (typically on Monday), we host a photo in our banner at our collab blog, that continues to grow thanks to you! over at: Change Your Life. Ride A Bike!
I've pull this list together (and it will update e/week) so we can see previous photos and the great eye behind the person that took it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures with us all.
♥Ride on!

- - - -
1. Jan 04: B&E by Quiltro Elemento
2. Jan 11: Winter Wonderland Amsterdam by AmsterS@m - The Wicked Reflectah
3. Jan 18: Bicycle by The Goat Whisperer
4. Jan 18: 14 bike co in black and white by Brenton Salo
5. Feb 8: IMG_4239 by protorio
6. Feb 15: urban biking by rOcKeTdOgUk
7. Feb 22: Social Club by cyclotourist
8. March 01: De volta ao passado II by Carlos Alkmin
9. March 08: Chile flag shirt by Bici Girl
10. March 15: Anastasia-and-the-Bat Panda by Patrick Barber
11. March 22: Spock's wheelbuilding class. by AngloMex
12. March 29: Surly Big Dummy Panda with passengers by Cold Iron
13. April 5: Shoreline Trail by ricahrdmasoner
14. April 12: and GO! by hayley999
15. April 19: the road to myself by krate-mayhem
16. April 26: untitled by spiderleggreen
17. May 03: I'm taking a ride with my best friend by 'Xander @416cyclestyle
18. May 17: L1 Plaça de Catalunya by Bart Omeu
19. May 24: bike dancer by gregraisman
20. May 31: Whitworth Street West by LO:Ci

21. June 7: Kyoto - Bamboo Forest by Davide Germano
22. June 14: Family outing by Sexify Bicycles
23. June 21: One week off training-wheels... by ibikenz
24. June 28: by whymcycles

25. July 5th: TownieCupcake5 by Cosmoblue
26. July 12: buddies by baudman 
27. July 19: coming home from the 2nd anniversy of a the 100 mile radius potluck by Mark Stosberg
28. July 26: 12076 Omar cheered on by Muscle Milk, who later kindly gave us refreshments by geekstinkbreath

29. August 2: Think Pink by AGrinberg
30. August 09: Ride by Brenton Salo
31. August 16: cycling surfer dude by eva//evoluer
32. August 30: 6246_net by Guipau

33. September 6: 1000000275 by cleverchimp
34. September 13: Total Eclipse by Georgie grrl

---working too hard to play hard---ok I'm back =)
35. November 22: I Ride in Love by Madness Rivera

36. December 13: tue03mrt09 by
37. December 20: Spoke(n) Art Ride by mikewally
rOcKeTdOgUk 6 years ago
ha ha love 2.Jan 11 pic!
The Goat Whisperer 6 years ago
What a pleasant surprise that you chose my photo for this week. Cheers!
meligrosa 6 years ago
but of course :D
& thank you all for being part of our pool!
rOcKeTdOgUk 6 years ago
what happened?
meligrosa 6 years ago
hey, it's back!! :D
our "designer" got the hiccups... ummmm he hee <3
rOcKeTdOgUk 6 years ago
I'm glad it's back :-)
meligrosa 5 years ago
wow - where did august goooooo!??!?! LOL
John P No 7 5 years ago
Hello Meligrosa . I just joined your Group and Posted a few Pictures of my Dutch Bike and two of Girl Cyclists in Dublin Ireland John p . /l'hommeaulevelo
meligrosa 5 years ago
thanks John P No 7!! the girls (3 here in SF, 1 in LA) will be happy to post some -- would you like to share a paragraph with us?! stay in touch +happy riding =) PRO 5 years ago
yeay, thanks for the pic of the week, im flattered!

meligrosa 5 years ago
this closes the threat for 2010!
thank all of you for the *awesome* images!!
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